The News


The Bad News:

  • Scooters caught the stomach bug.
  • Mommy caught the stomach bug.
  • The worms hated their new home and did everything possible to escape.

The Good News:

  • Daddy stayed home from work and took great care of Scooters, Bubbers and Mommy.  (Thank you!!!)
  • Mommy found other articles online about how to do worm composting.
  • She made a new home for them and moved them all into it.


The Current News:

  • The bug is lingering, but Bubbers, Scooters and Mommy are very close to being okay again.
  • We have really enjoyed clearing our entire schedule and just hanging out and healing for the last four days.
  • Poor Daddy has caught the stomach bug.  :(
  • The worms are staying inside their new home!!

On the mend (and our new worm farm!)

Thank you for your concern everyone! Bubbers is still under the weather, but definitely on the mend.

While he didn’t throw up at all yesterday, he did tell me, “I’m kind of miserable just like Satan. He’s miserable, but I’m not as miserable as him.”

Then he told me he was going to build the tallest wall in the world to keep Satan from getting to him and tempting him when he turns eight years old and reaches the age of accountability.  I smiled and said that was such a great idea! And then I said that’s what it’s like when you obey God’s commandments.  He gives you the power to resist Satan–like a big wall to keep him out. He thought that was pretty neat. :)

Then I thought he was very close to being back to normal– until he gave me a vomit shower at 6:30 am this morning.  I yelped with such absolute shock and horror that it scared poor Scooters who started crying.  (It’s kind of cute how sensitive these little guys are to when Mommy gets upset).

But we all survived and got cleaned up.  And by 11:00 am, the Bubbers King was feeling so chipper that he went to the mailbox with Scooters (who is also a bit under the weather) and I.

And we were so excited!!  We finally got the package we’ve been waiting for!!



(And they were still alive after five days in the mail– I’m so glad!!)


I read an article about using worms for composting (click here to read it) and immediately fell in love with it.


So I got some 10 gallon containers at Walmart and drilled a bunch of holes in them.


Then we put in our damp shredded paper, dirt and beloved worms.


Then we added all the kitchen scraps I’ve been saving up for them.  And then on top of all the stinky stuff, we put in a bunch of old bread.  The boys helped me break it into pieces.


Bubbers was so cute and kept telling them, “I love you, worms! Here’s your food, worms! This is your new home, worms!”  He was sad when they were all covered and he couldn’t see them anymore.


But then two adventurous worms kept trying to crawl out and Bubbers loved it!


Scooters helped us fill, too!


And boy oh boy…


Did he take his job seriously!


“Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?”


But never fear!


With the Scooters-toopa-man, it’s only a matter of time before…




After that, we put on the lid and I moved them into their new location in the garage.

Now all we have to do is wait.  Add more food.  Wait some more.  And then PRESTO!  We’ll have super dirt and more worms to put in our garden!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask Bubbers.  He knows all about this stuff now.  “Worms eat the food we don’t want anymore and then their POO-POOS are DIRT for our GARDEN!!”

So, there you have it, folks!  Bubbers (and Scooters) are close to being the picture of health again.  And we have new pet worms in the garage!

Pests. (And my stupid, no good bleeding-heart!)


The Bad News:

  • This is a nest…


  • … of rodent babies.
  • Charming found them in our garage.
  • We thought they were rats.
  • But they were field mice.
  • And I didn’t have the heart to hurt them (I used to raise hamsters!!!!!).
  • So we left them there.
  • And the next morning they were gone!  Aaaahh!!  Mommy moved them and we never found them again…

The Good News:

  • They were found in a box Charming just happened to be opening.
  • A box he hadn’t opened in over two years.
  • But because he did, we saw these brand new little guys.  Before they grew up and ate all our food storage.  What a blessing!
  • The pest inspector came and said it was an “isolated incident” and we are not infested.  Yay!!
  • Now we are much more careful about protecting our garage.



The Bad News:

  • These are termites.
  • About 35 of them found their way into our house.  Upstairs and downstairs!
  • We’re not sure how they got in, but I swear some of it was through our bathroom’s skylight.
  • I caught four of them to show the inspector, so we could know for sure what they were.
  • And then… I started to feel bad for them sitting in my jar… dying a slow death… waiting so long for the inspector to see them…
  • … So I snuck them some rotted wood to eat.
  • And now… they’re like my pets!

The Good News (according to our pest inspector):

  • They’re not carpenter ants.  (Who, apparently, do way more damage than termites.  And are harder to kill).
  • They are not trying to eat our house.  They were just trying to get warm.  (Though I still wonder…)
  • He gave us some good tips on keeping them away.



The Bad News:

  • They’re huge.  And slimey.  And disgusting.
  • And they love having their children in our garden.
  • And eating our carrots.  And peas.  And any potatoes that might be sticking up.
  • Oh man, they’re nasty!
  • But… I don’t have the stomach to kill them…

The Good News:

  • Next year, I’m determined to get Deadline.
  • And actually have the guts to use it.


Holy smokes!  I’m not sure if my skin will ever stop crawling after all this…  I mean, I love living next to a green belt…  But I don’t love the green belt coming to live with me!

p.s.  Something else is eating our zucchini.  And once I figure out what it is–oh man will they be in trouble!  I’ve got a dirty glare just waiting for them!!

p.p.s.  And if they also ate the last blackberry we were saving for Bubbers, holy cow, they’d better just steer clear of me!!

I harvested our first potatoes (ever!) today…


… Along with the handsome Wooga Man who thrilled at the chance to dig wildly in the dirt with me. :)

We had a great time!

I searched for wilted potato plants. And he used his man-size shovel to pour dirt on my boots. And then laughed.

I carefully dug. And he used his man-size shovel to pour dirt down my boots. And then laughed.

I walked around. And crunched on dirt under my sock. And I laughed.


My crockpot beef stew typically takes 30 minutes to make.

Today?  It took 3 hours.

Now I understand why women used to spend all day cooking…


My smallest potatoes were the size of a pea.  Isn’t it cute? :):)

I thought so, too.  Until I found the tiny worms that had burrowed inside.  After that, I had to painstakingly remove every single one from every single little potato that had them.


My largest potato was the size of an apricot.  Whoo-hoo!  Gettin’ big!

Except.  The skin was strangely rough, course and bumpy.  And when I cut through it, it was unusually hard, crunchy and bumpy.

Hm.  Wasn’t sure what that meant, but just to be safe, I didn’t use them.

*Sniff, sniff!*


My carrots were great!

Albeit, deformed by the silly bags I used to start them in (that do NOT disintegrate), but still great.

Check out this hefty fellow…


… Straight out of Monster’s Inc!!


But all in all, it was a good first potato harvest!

And next time…

I’ll ask Charming to dig them the day before I need them.

I’ll pre-rinse them with a hose outside.

I’ll figure out how to grow bigger ones. And how to get rid of the worms.

And I’ll ask my Dad what the weird hard/crunchy/bumpy texture means.