Paying their first tithes

Two sweet boys paid their first tithes today and, man, it was awesome.

Brother’s been wanting to pay it for weeks, but he’s been sick. Now that the day finally came, he wanted to fill it out with Daddy and then he held onto his envelope and slip almost the whole time until he finally gave it to the Bishop after Sacrament Meeting. He had a huge smile on his face and excitedly told everyone he met, “I’m paying a whole DOLLAR for tithing!!” as he showed them his envelope and yellow slip. People just lit up and smiled right back at him. It was just a treat- totally made our day at church!

Boots sat down to fill out his slip with Daddy, too, and he insisted on paying ALL of the money in his money jar to tithing- even his spending money and college/mission savings. What a sweetheart, I thought my heart was going burst. He had his serious look on as he bounce-walked into church with his envelope and anytime someone mentioned his tithing. After he gave it to the Bishop , he pumped the Bishop’s hand in a fierce handshake and then walked off to nursery (still wearing his serious face).

The Bishop was so great and I thought what an honor it must be to accept a child’s first tithing envelope ever. Brother did get a little confused and thought he was giving it to President Monson, but after Daddy explained it, he was okay again.

Great job, boys! You two are such good people and I loved being able to watch you today.

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Sometimes, I think my heart will burst

Raising three little monkey boys is so crazy and exhausting. But man, is it worth it when…

002 cruves

… This little munchkin smiles at me with absolute joy and delight. And laughs excitedly, waves and claps his hands. And crawls around carrying a favorite little toy he’s picked up along the way.

Holy toledo, what a cutie.


… And this adorable guy suddenly calls out to me from his crib tonight, “Mommy, I love you to da whole earf. Mommy, I’m so glad Desus took me to you.” Wow! My heart just fills up and floats right out of me.

I love you to the whole earth, too, my wonderful son. And I’m so incredibly glad Jesus took you to me, too.

075 cropped

… And this little man writes a sweet note to me and puts it by my bed to help me feel better (I’ve got a never-ending cold).

001 curves

And then writes another one on his magna-doodle that totally makes my day when I find it.

I love you, too, my sweet boy.

Surprisingly fulfilling…


Watching my children play in the backyard continues to be one of my favorite pastimes.


It’s hard to imagine a time when they weren’t turning a picnic lunch into an art session.

015 edited

But having a new little one old enough to join in the fun reminds me…


… That they couldn’t always drive the tractor…


… Or get on and off the tramp by themselves…


… And it reminds me to stop, smile, take a deep breath and let that “all is right with the world” feeling fill my heart.


There’s nothing in the world like it!

And you know the only thing that makes it better?

Throwing in some chickens.

013 black

Kids and chickens.

Who on earth knew it could be so fulfilling???