General Conference (by the Bubbers King)

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Hi Everyone!!

It’s the Bubbers King here, to tell you about our weekend.

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As Mommy says, it’s a special time again for our church.

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Called General Conference!

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Do you know what that means?

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Let me explain it to you.

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Do you see him?

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He plays the humongous organ…..

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….. While the choir (and, at times, congregation) sing beautiful hymns.

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And do you see him?

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He’s God’s living Prophet.

We try very hard to listen to him and follow what he and the Apostles say.

We are so lucky to have them!

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Well, that’s all I can think of right now….. Did my explanation help at all?

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I hope so!

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Because now it’s time for snacks and cuddles with Dad.

See you later!!

The Bubbers King

Measuring Time by General Conference

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Every six months, our living Prophet and Apostles speak hope, faith and love to the entire world during General Conference.

It’s happening this weekend and every time it happens now, Charming and I look at each other and smile.

“You know what Bubbers was doing the last time we watched General Conference?” I ask him.

“Yeah,” he looks adoringly at the Little Man, “He was 11 months old and learning how to climb on his trampoline.”

“That’s right,” I laugh, following his gaze to our sweet son, “And do you remember the time before that? His very first Conference ever?”

“We were in our old house, he was 5 months old, and he rolled over for the first time,” Charming remembers in amazement.

You see in our house, we reckon time by General Conference.

And the next time General Conference rolls around, Bubbers will be almost 2 years old.

Holy smokes.

(Where’s the pause button on time??)

(If you find it, please let me know ASAP!)

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This time around, our little Wooga man is almost 18 months old.

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And he cannot get enough of his Daddy.

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You see, Daddy just started graduate school and the Wooga man doesn’t get to see him as much as usual.

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So when Woogies does get to see his Daddy, he doesn’t let him out of his sight! :)

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Something else he really loved was the children’s choir (just like his Mommy!).

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They sang the most touching songs.

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And Woogies watched the whole thing.

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And pulled out his cute dance moves that we love so much! :)

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Before going after the mouse.

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And at one point, I had to take advantage of the fact that he was holding still for longer than a millisecond.

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And try as he might.

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He couldn’t resist my goofy antics to get a smile. :):)

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And during the prayers…..

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Our hearts melted when he folded his arms so sweetly.

A new prophet

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This weekend was a very special General Conference for the Mormon world and Bubbers got his very own seat to watch it with us.

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We couldn’t have been happier with how well he did through all eight hours of the Conference!

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Not only did he really enjoy hanging out with his Mom and Dad…..

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But he also enjoyed conducting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

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With both hands.

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And we all loved the wonderful, inspiring talks from the apostles and leaders.

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Especially from the new living prophet: President Thomas S. Monson

Heidi’s favorite: “Enjoy the doing more than the getting done.” (Elder Ballard speaking to young mothers)

Charming’s favorite: “Salvation is individual. Exaltation is familial.” (Elder Nelson)

Hardy har har

This weekend was General Conference. That means the whole Mormon world got to listen to our Prophets, Apostles and leaders from Salt Lake City. (As always, it was awesome).

Charming, Bubbers and I watched on the internet.

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Bubbers did surprisingly well through 8 hours in the same room.

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(With only one mishap).

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Today was also special because Bubbers rolled over for the first time ever! Did we actually see it? Well, no… But one minute he was on his stomach, reaching for the strap of my camera. And the next minute he was on his back!

Since we didn’t see it, I’m willing to say it didn’t happen (it doesn’t count unless you see it, right?). But now we’ll be more vigilant to catch the real first time, next time.

Oh, and here’s some of Charming’s humor…

“I’m Heidi watching General Conference.”

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“I’m the Little Man watching General Conference.”

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“I’m me watching General Conference.”

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Breaking news on the snot front: Bubbers is oh so close to being over his first stuffy nose. Thank you to everyone for your kind well-wishing! Needless to say, none of us will miss “the boogerator”.