Surprise Giveaway! (and my funny seats)

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Hi Everyone!! Guess what!?!


Mommy’s sweet friend, Andrea, is offering a giveaway for her new business Crafted With Loves! here on Mommy’s blog.


And what is it she’s giving away, you ask?


Check it out!!!!


Beautiful custom lettering for the little ones in your life!

You pick the color, ribbon and paint and Andrea will do the rest!


She offers full names…


…Or single letters in 6″ or 9″ letters that are made of wood.


Or if you prefer lightweight cardboard, she offers an 8″ all-in-one letter and name.

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Hm, let’s see…


What else do I need to tell you?


Let me sleep on that for a second.


Oh yeah!

Here are the rules for entry:

  • Must be a follower of this blog to enter
  • 1 entry for sharing which product you’d pick and for whom it would be
  • 2 entries for sharing the current giveaway on Twitter or Facebook (please provide a link)
  • 3 entries for posting about the current giveaway on your personal blog or putting it on your sidebar (please provide a link)

Contest closes March 19th and there will be two winners!
Contest open to residents of the U.S.


Okay, everyone…


Good luck!!!!!

The Winner!

Good morning, y’all!

Thank you to all those who entered our wonderful surprise giveaway last Thursday for Andrea’s innovative children’s clothing product, the Beleoki Design!

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I’m pleased to announce the winner has been chosen by none other than the Bubbers king himself and this is how it happened…..

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This time around, I pulled out his trusty numbers puzzle.

And since we had 14 entries for the contest, I took out numbers 15-20.

Then I put it on the floor and told the Bubbers king, “The first number you pull out will be the winner of Andrea’s Beleoki Design. Okay?”

“Eh!” he replied and immediately toddled over to the puzzle like the big little boy he’s becoming.

PICT0003 edited

Then he sat down and got to work…..

PICT0004 edited

Oh, oh! He’s picking up a number!!

PICT0005 edited

Wait–he had a number–I swear he did! But where did it go??

You know what, I think he threw it behind his back between pictures…..

PICT0006 edited

Oh, yep! I peered behind him and there it is!

Let’s get a closer look…..

PICT0007 edited

It’s a 6! Congratulations, #6!

PICT0011 edited

Oh wait, Bubbers wants to keep playing…..

PICT0021 edited

“But Mom!” he asked, “What about #11?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, son,” I answered sadly, “We can only have one winner. But I’m glad you want more people to win.”

PICT0023 edited

That temporarily appeased him, so he stood up and came towards me.

PICT0031 edited

And I blinded him with my flash.

PICT0038 edited

“That’s not cool,” he said as he walked off, swinging his left arm Wooga style.

PICT0042 edited

Then he stood on top of the puzzle.

PICT0045 edited

Then he came back.

PICT0049 edited

And totally made my day with one of his smiles!

“Aw, I love you, sweet Bubbers!” I said and then I squeezed him tight and gave his cute chubby Wooga cheeks a kiss.


Congratulations, Melissa Ducker!

You requested the beautiful white and pink girl’s set of the Beleoki Design


I will get you in contact with Andrea to finalize your choice and work out the details.

(And as Ailene Hert requested, feel free to give us a product review once you get them!)

Thank you again to everyone who entered and thank you to Andrea for sponsoring such a fun giveaway!


(p.s. Do you sell something fun? Would you like to sponsor the next giveaway on Heidi’s Blog? If so, email me at:

Surprise Giveaway!

Good afternoon, ya’ll!

In celebration of a supposed forecast in the high 60’s today (unusually high for this neck of the woods these days) and the fact that you read my blog–I’m having another surprise giveaway! :)

Today’s wonderful giveaway is…..

Free Beleoki Design from Andrea!

My friend, Andrea, sells an innovative children’s clothing product called the Beleoki Design and is generously sponsoring today’s giveaway (thank you, Andrea!!).

The Beleoki Design is a stylish, practical belt for children that’s easy to use and avoids the hassle of buckles and belt loops.


It is made of cotton lycra and velcros in the back for easy removal.


And it even comes in a set of two–white and pink for girls.

IMG_0145[1] cropped & smaller

Or red and navy blue for boys.

Sizes are available from 15 inches up to 23 inches (measuring with pants on).

So, here are the rules for entering:

  1. Choose which Beleoki Design set you would pick if you win
  2. Then leave a comment and tell me which set you’d pick
  3. (To leave a comment, click on the “Comments” link at the bottom of this post).
  4. Only one entry per person, please
  5. All comments received by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow will be entered to win
  6. Anyone (U.S. or international) can enter
  7. Winner will be randomly chosen by the Bubbers king

Thank you again, Andrea, and thank you everyone for entering!

Good luck!! :)


Holy smokes! I’ll bet y’all were wondering if I was ever going to announce a winner from last week’s surprise giveaway. At least, that’s what Charming has been wondering.

“When are you going to announce the winner?” he asks every day when he comes home from work and then waits for my reply.

Slowly, I turn around to meet his eyes as I stand in a pile of boxes, with Bubbers wrapped around both ankles and no dinner cooking and then the light registers in his eyes.

“Never mind, forget I asked,” he chuckles as he kisses my cheek and goes into the kitchen to cook his own dinner.

But I’m happy to report Charming’s question is being answered today (and his dinner is being cooked in the crockpot, too!!).

With the wonderful help of my handsome, freshly bathed assistant, the Bubbers king:

PICT0004 cropped

And the use of his oh-so-trusty-and-beloved-toy, the Oreo shapes:


We’re going to choose a winner for Kara’s fantastic Tupperware!

So here’s the nitty gritty of how it’s going to work…..

  • Each contestant will be assigned a shape
  • Those shapes will be put into the Oreo shapes container
  • Bubbers will be given the container and the first shape he pulls out is the winner! (Hooray!)

Does that sound fair and random enough?

Okay–here are the shapes assigned to each contestant:



Crescent moon


Wandering Nana-Linda

And now we’re ready to hand the Oreo shapes container to Bubbers and see what happens!!

PICT0041 cropped

Aw, look at that cute chubby arm reaching in

PICT0038 edited & cropped

Hi, sweet Wooga man!

PICT0014 cropped

Oh, oh!

PICT0015 cropped

He’s got one!!

PICT0016 cropped

He looks pretty serious about it, too.

PICT0019 edited & cropped

Aw, you want to show it to the window?

PICT0020 edited & cropped

And put it behind your ear?

Holy smokes, what a cutie!!

So eventually, I was able to get the shape from him and see that it was:


Congratulations, Heather!

You requested a gift certificate towards the ‘One Touch® Reminder Canister Set’!

I will get you in contact with Kara to finalize your choice and work out the details.

Thank you again to everyone who entered and thank you to Kara for sponsoring such a fun giveaway!

(Sorry, Love, next time we’ll see if I can rig it so Bubbers can get what you wanted for him.)

(p.s. Do you sell something fun? Would you like to sponsor the next giveaway on Heidi’s Blog? If so, email me at: