The new monster in town!

July 16th, 2018

Oh, yes, my friends. There is a new monster in town.

A princess monster.

And you should be afraid.


Very afraid.

(See how afraid I am?)

Because yesterday, the Princess Monster acted like this.


*I’m the sweetest little waffle cone with sprinkles on top.*

*I’m just going to sit here and kick my feet and look cute. Don’t you worry a bit now.*


Don’t you listen!

Oh, no.

Because less than 24 hours later… Right when you least expect it. And no one is looking. And the forbidden room is accidentally left ajar. Two little feet will walk away…

And two little hands will maul and maim. (With glee!!)

And toilet paper the… toilet!

And even plant a weapon of mass destruction. Right there. With no thought for who will come along or who will get hurt.

Now if that isn’t enough to send you screaming to your mama, well…

You can’t say I didn’t warn you!

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