Surprisingly fulfilling…


Watching my children play in the backyard continues to be one of my favorite pastimes.


It’s hard to imagine a time when they weren’t turning a picnic lunch into an art session.

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But having a new little one old enough to join in the fun reminds me…


… That they couldn’t always drive the tractor…


… Or get on and off the tramp by themselves…


… And it reminds me to stop, smile, take a deep breath and let that “all is right with the world” feeling fill my heart.


There’s nothing in the world like it!

And you know the only thing that makes it better?

Throwing in some chickens.

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Kids and chickens.

Who on earth knew it could be so fulfilling???

3 thoughts on “Surprisingly fulfilling…

  1. Watching things grow, be they kids or plants, is just plain magic. I know what you are talking about!

    And CHICKENS? When did this happen? I want details, girl. It was a fantasy I held onto for quite sometime until I actually took care of a large flock of them for some friends. Then I decided I might need at least one more degree of separation between the reality of where eggs come from and what is waiting to be eaten on my plate. But these friends lived on a farm, and the chicken coup was pretty messy. I understand the caring of chickens and the harvesting of their eggs need not be completely disgusting.

    Also, baby boy #3 looks SO MUCH like your baby boy #1. I cannot get over it.

    And finally, I have been thinking about you and your future writing career, and have a reference to pass along if you are interested. I think I’ll send you an email with details. :)

    Love ya Hides.

  2. How wonderful to get so much satisfaction out of your chosen career. Must be those cute boys.

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