Twitter Updates for 2011-08-15

  • Yay! Brother's new nighttime pull-ups worked! Hopefully we'll go a full day w/out changing bed sheets for either son (after 4 days straight) #
  • Daddy, Brother & Boots are sitting in my dark closet with the door closed, headlamps & flashlights on… "We're practicing being in a cave!" #
  • Boots, pointing at Brothers' colored picture of a temple hung by his bed, amazingly told me, "Desus lives temple! Feel Pirit. Holy Ghost." #
  • Sweet! I emailed an author to ask if her ebooks will ever be available in print & she sent me a complimentary pdf of one for me to try out! #
  • Boots & Brother are sick, so I'm going to relax & hang out w/ all the boys at home while Charming goes to church & teaches Gospel Doctrine. #
  • Boots, while reading an Old Testament book, pointed to a picture & said, "Adam 'n Neve!" #
  • Whew! I save the"plank" for last in my morning pelvic & core muscle exercises for physical therapy b/c it always wears me out! #
  • Scratch that– Charming isn't teaching at church after all. :) #
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