Evidence of fun

January 13th, 2010

I love walking into a room and seeing evidence of fun that has taken place.  And if that fun occurred between a father and his son, it’s particularly touching to me.

Like one day a few months ago, I walked into the toy room and saw this:

PICT0310 edited big

It appeared that Daddy and eldest son had pulled the bins of Lego’s out of the closet and enjoyed some creative building time together.

I looked closer and spotted Daddy’s creation:

PICT0322 cropped edited big

An armored vehicle with wheels and wings.

PICT0323 cropped edited big

And three men armed to the teeth and keeping watch in all directions.

Curious, I looked around until I spotted my son’s creation:

PICT0311 cropped big

And it just made me smile!

PICT0313 cropped big

Simple and sweet and packed to the gills.  It was perfect!

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Suzanne | 1/15/2010 8:34 pm

It does look like a lot of fun, seeing a big boy and a little boy playing with lego. Love it.


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