Things that make me smile…

PICT0092 edited

Two car seats for two little bodies.

PICT0002 edited

Sweet shower gifts from friends and co-workers in the baby’s new crib.

PICT0031 edited

The first gift I ever got for this new little man.

Until just recently, I kept it on my bedside table so I could look at it often and make the end result of a baby in my arms feel more real.

PICT0032 edited

Teensie weensie newborn diapers left over from the Bubbers King that I found in a bin of clothes.

PICT0039 edited

A closet full of clothes I haven’t seen in two years.

PICT0042 edited

Cute little sleep sacks…..

PICT0043 edited

….. And other soft pajamas.

PICT0046 edited

Tiny socks, caps and no-scratch mittens.

PICT0049 edited

Piles of onesies. :)


Swaddling blankets we need to learn how to use again.

PICT0062 edited

A brand new diaper station basket.

PICT0064 edited

A makeshift changing pad until my incision heals and I can get up and down from the floor okay.

PICT0010 edited

And a cute Bubbers monster.

Whose days of stealing his brother’s things are numbered.

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  1. It’s always so exciting to see everything all ready like that! :) Those are definitely smile-worthy pics! And I just love that last one – I can’t believe how hilariously GIANT he looks in that walker! Can you believe he used to fit in there? Seems like yesterday…

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