California: The second full day


Hi Everyone! Guess what!?! On my second full day in California, I went outside in the snow…..


With Cousin Adam,


and Cousin Tristan,


and Cousin Braden,


and Silly Daddy, (hee, hee!).


And we built a snowman!!!


And he was just my size!


I had so much fun!


I loved being with my cousins!


And I loved digging.


And I loved Wucy.

What more can I say?


Cousin Adam was my special buddy.


He’s only two years older than me and we got to spend a lot of time together while his older brothers went snowboarding.


I even let him play with my trains.


And you know how much that means to me.


He and his brothers were super cute with Snuggles, too.

Later that day, they had to leave and I was sorry to see them go.


So I wound up…..


….. and gave Cousin Adam a “five” to remember!


Then it was time to say goodbye to Wucy.


“Goodbye, Wucy. You’ll always be Ruff Ruff to me, girl.”


Then we all took naps while Grandma played with Snuggles.

And then!!!!!

Mommy got a belated Christmas present in the mail from Daddy (and Grandma, Grandpa, Papa, gg and the next six months of her personal money) that made her positively giddy!!!!


The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1.

The camera of my Mommy’s dreams. With new digital technology, it has a live LCD screen and no moving parts inside the body of the camera. Which means Mommy can take unlimited pictures without wearing out shutters.

IMGA0192 edited big

It’s also the smallest dSLR out there and weighs practically nothing compared to her Konica Minolta beast. Which means she can carry it AND her video camera AND her two boys all around with ease!!!!!

*Sigh* What more could a Mommy want?


So then she had to try it out all night long.


To see if the man at the camera store was right. And he was.

It blew her Konica Minolta out of the water.

(Thank you everyone!!!)

After that, I went to bed.


And Mommy spent the night reading her new manual.


And taking pictures of Grandma who ignored her crazed daughter.


Oh, and she played a little Scrabble, too. She’d won the night before for the first time in her life and wouldn’t you know she did it again!


She’s pretty sure Daddy and Grandma were her good luck charms.


p.s. In case you’re wondering…..


The Snag still lives.

California: The first full day


Hi Everyone!  I’m excited to tell you about our vacation last week!…..  We went to visit Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Elise in California.  They’re my Mommy’s parents and sister and we sure had a great time!


They had a tractor!


That was just the right size for me!


And boy, I just hopped on and took off!  I accelerated up a storm, but my steering skills were quite limited, so Mommy and Daddy stayed nearby to keep me on the right path.


And wook!!


There’s Wucy!!  I wove Wucy!!!!!

She came with my Uncle BJ’s family and holy smokes did I wove it!  Every time she was awake, I followed her all around calling out the name I gave her, “Ruff Ruff!  Ruuuuff Ruuuuuff!”

And when people told me, “Her name is Lucy,” I replied calmly, “No, it’s not.  It’s Ruff Ruff.”

Then all of a sudden, I looked out the window and saw this:


It started snowing!!!!!


It was beautiful!  And I was really excited, because I’ve been wanting to build a snowman all winter!  So I went outside with Daddy, but the snow wasn’t ready to build with yet.  So Daddy promised we could try again the next day.


So then we went back inside and I played with my cousins, Aunts and Uncles.


And then I found Wucy’s bed!!!!!!


Oh man, this is the wife!




“Wook!  My wittow paw is stickin’ out!”


Hey Snuggles!  Can you see me in here?  Can you see me?


Ha, ha!!  Cousin Adam took a turn, too!


Then it was time for bed.  Good night, Snuggles!!

The Stowaway (by Flat Stanley)

Conner Flat Stanley0004 fixed edited


My name is Flat Stanley and this is my friend, Conner.

Conner made me for a school project based off the book Flat Stanley.

I am supposed to visit different houses and states, so Conner asked his Mommy if I could go home with his Aunt Heidi and Cousin Bubbers after they were done visiting us.

PICT0144 edited

So before I knew it, I was a stowaway in Bubbers’ luggage on my way through airport security.

Now, I have to say, I was a little nervous about going with them.

Because three years ago, Conner’s older sister made me and I got sent to Heidi and Charming’s house…..

Picture 010 edited

….. And they stuck me in a vent.

Picture 012 edited

And a CD player.

HPIM1742 edited

Which you really wouldn’t expect from such normal looking people.

But deep down…..

HPIM1737 edited

….. They’re loons.

HPIM1738 edited

And they tried to bite my head off.

Picture 039 edited

But I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, because they did take me to Canada while they celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary.

Picture 070 edited

And showed me some beautiful gardens.

HPIM1764 edited

And tried to sell me as a postcard.

But hey!

That was a long time ago, so maybe things have changed.

Maybe they’ve amended the lunacy of their ways.

PICT0144 edited

All I can do now is wait and see…..

To be continued…..