Tip for the Day: When in peril, it’s okay to get your hands dirty

Hello everyone.

This is Heidi.

I’m sorry to interrupt my son’s sweet pictorial narrative of our eventful trip, but I must tell you a brief story…..

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Once upon a time, about two weeks ago, the Bubbers king and I were going back to the car after visiting our local care center.

“Hey, Little Man,” I said as we approached our car, “Would you like to walk along the curb while I unlock the car?”

“Okay,” he smiled like I knew he would.

Lately he’s had a fascination for carefully walking along curbs and I’d been impressed with his ability to keep his balance.

So I was hoping to take advantage of this fascination and keep him occupied and out of the road until my hands were empty and I could help him safely into the car.

Unfortunately, I misjudged the influence of a small bush overhanging the curb and intervening Bubbers’ path.

When he reached it, he let out a pitiful cry for help and I looked up just in time to see him lose his balance and fall, in slow motion, toward the pavement.

At this moment in time, Bubbers had a decision to make that was very difficult for him because he doesn’t like to get dirt on his hands.

And he knew that if he put out his hands to catch himself, he would get them dirty.

So, my dear precious boy fearlessly held his hands straight back as he fell face first toward the dirty pavement.

And even as he lay there with his face smeared against the pavement, waiting for his Mother to come and save him, he did not lose his resolve.

Those sweet little hands remained rigidly perpendicular to the ground and safely away from dirt’s harm until I scooped him up.

“I’m so sorry!” I repeated over and over as I held him close, “I should have kept a better eye on you.  Please forgive me, I’m so sorry.”

Then I carefully put him in the car and wiped the dirt from his facial wounds.

I kissed him and gently said, “I’m so glad you’re okay.  But next time, it’s okay to use your hands to stop your fall.”

He looked at me dubiously.

And I knew he wasn’t convinced.

How many firefighters does it take to rescue a toddler?


Two to provide the tools.

PICT0066 edited

Two to saw the doorknob off a locked closet.

PICT0057 edited

One to give the rescued toddler a plastic firefighter hat.

PICT0061 edited

And another to give him junior firefighter badge stickers.


Tip for the Day:

If you ever buy a house that (very strangely) has door knobs on random doors around the house…..

PICT0067 edited

….. That can only be unlocked by a key.

And the previous owner doesn’t give you that key.

Replace the door knobs.

Before you have to call 9-1-1.


Tender Mercies:

  • Of the five doors in our house like this, Bubbers picked the safest one to suddenly learn to lock himself behind.
  • My blessed son waited to lock himself in my closet with all my clothes until after I was fully dressed for the day.
  • He remained completely calm as we waited and talked through the door about the firefighters who were coming to help him open the door.
  • The firefighters were extremely understanding, helpful and sweet toward Bubbers.
  • Bubbers loves to play peek-a-boo in my hanging shirts.  So when I told him to go hide in my clothes before the firefighter started to saw, he knew what I was talking about and did it.  So he was safe.


Where we’re headed after lunch:

To pick up five new non-key lock door knobs at Lowe’s.


p.s. The last time I called 9-1-1 was almost exactly one year ago.

And it also involved a locked door.

That’s bizarre.

Tip for the Day: Unexpected laughter is the best medicine

For weeks now, I’ve been counting down the days until March.

And planning a little purchase that would allow both privacy and the ability to supervise a certain little Bubbers Monster during my daily cleansing ritual.

But I had to wait until I had a new month’s “Household” budget allotment available for spending.

So last week, I happily placed an online order for two sheets of privacy film.

PICT0002 edited

And today…..

PICT0003 edited

I got…..

PICT0005 edited

Two….. diamond….. window decorations?!?

Tip for the Day: Keep a Journal

Because you never know when a Private Investigator will be sitting on your living room couch.

Flipping open her wallet to show you her Federal Investigation badge.

And then asking you a million questions about a Navy friend you had 5 years ago.

Questions that would have been very hard to answer.

If your friend wasn’t a stellar guy.

And you didn’t happen to keep an ongoing calendar journal.



Did you know that (according to my new Private Investigator friend) every member of the military has a background check every 5 years?

I didn’t!


Did you also know that according to the Privacy Act of 1974, your identity and everything you say during a background interview will be written in a report and available upon request to the person investigated?

I didn’t!

…..Until my new Private Investigator friend told me after the interview was already over.

Holy smokes.

Good thing I didn’t say anything I’d regret!


Did you also know that Private Investigators are very nice?

And they smile and say your son is very cute when he sidles up to them with a sweet little smile, looks down at their interview form, and eagerly asks, “A?”

So then they write a big “A” on their paper for him to see.

And he gets so excited that he starts laughing and pushes the coffee table across the room.