Pyroclastic Flow

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“Hey Mommy!” Brother whisper-called to me as I was leaving his room tonight.

“Yes?” I paused in the doorway.

“It occurred to me that we haven’t had any pyroclastic flow in a really, really long time,” he unexpectedly told me.

“Really?” I replied, quickly wracking my brain to figure out what he was talking about… Oh, yes! Pyroclastic flow is the most deadly product of an explosive eruption from a super volcano.

“Do you know why?” Brother continued.

“No, why?” I asked curiously.

“Because I said a prayer that no super volcanoes or volcanoes would erupt until after we’re resurrected!” he answered with a confident smile.

“Really?” I smiled back with a melting heart, “Thank you! That way it won’t hurt us at all!”

“That’s right!” he replied and then laid back on his pillow.

Man alive, what a sweet kid! I thought to myself.

“Good night, I love you!” I called.

“Good night, I love you, too!” he called back.

Then I left his room with a prayer in my heart.

For safety from pyroclastic flow.

And for gratitude for an incredible little boy.

A Sense of Humor

When Bubbers was a wee babe, he was often quite serious and contemplative.  And sometimes, Charming and I looked at each other and asked in hushed tones:

“Do you think he’s going to have a good sense of humor?… What if he doesn’t have a sense of humor?… What will we do?!?  He probably won’t enjoy living with us very much if he doesn’t have a sense of humor… Man, we really hope he has a sense of humor!”

Fortunately, we had nothing whatsoever to worry about… :)








And by the time we had Scooters? The thought never even entered our heads!


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