“Did you know that I like you?”


“Moooommyyyyy!” floated soft and pitifully from my eldest son’s room about 10 minutes after he went to bed tonight.

Quietly, I opened his door and stepped inside.

“What’s going on?” I whispered, so Scooters wouldn’t wake up next door.

“I’m having trouble going to sleep,” Bubbers sighed.

“Really? Why?” I asked as I sat down next to his bed.

He paused and then pointed up at the ceiling above his window, “That light is keeping me awake.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I replied, “But I can’t do anything about it… Do you want to face the other wall and go to sleep?”

“No, I prefer to lay this way,” he answered.

“Hmm,” I said, “What can I do to help you sleep?”

He looked up at me, “You can sing me the temple song. The one I reminded you about.”

“Sure,” I smiled and softly sang I Love to See the Temple.

Afterward, I smoothed back his hair and said, “Good night, dear son.”

“Good night, Mommy,” he replied.

I smoothed his covers and started to stand up.

“Mommy?” he suddenly said, “Did you know I like you?”

My heart melted.

“Thank you,” I replied sincerely, “I like you, too!”

He smiled.

“I’m going to go to sleep now,” he said and I walked to the door.

“Night, night! Love you!” I whispered and signed “I love you”.

“Night, night! Love you!” he repeated and signed “I love you” back.

Then I softly closed the door and sighed with a happy smile.

Scooters’ closing prayer


This last Monday night, Scooters was having a difficult time attending to our Family Home Evening lesson.

When we finally got to the end, I volunteered him for the closing prayer because I knew it would be the best way to keep him reverent for it. :)

I had started having him pray for meals a couple weeks ago and he is so cute!  He folds his arms and studiously watches me.  Repeating every word I say the best he can.

Expecting this same behavior on Monday night, I began, “Say, ‘Dear'”

“Heavly,” Scooters skipped ahead.

“Heavenly,” I went on.

“Fadder,” he skipped ahead.  Again.

“Father,” I went on.

“Amen,” he skipped ahead.  To the end.

“We thank thee,” I went on.

“Amen,” he repeated.

“For our family,” I went on.

“Amen,” he repeated.

“Please bless us,” I went on.

“Amen!” he repeated.

“We love thee,” I went on.

“Amen!!” he repeated.

“In the name of Jesus Christ,” I went on.

“AMEN!!!!” he repeated.

“Amen,” I repeated.

My First Picture! (12 weeks old)

Baby 20100001 cropped, fixed

I’m strong and I’m healthy!  And as active as can be!

I’m soaking up my mother’s energy to beat the band, so these days she loves to hit the sack at 7:30 pm.  But her nausea is almost all gone (already!) and she doesn’t have to take Zofran anymore.  So that’s great!

And.  I’m due in May of 2011!

And.  Mommy and big brother Bubbers still call me “she”.  :):)

Mommy’s favorite quotes from the Bubbers King (her sweet, personal cheerleader!):

“Mommy, why are you pregnant?”

“Mommy, when did you start pregnanting?”

“Mommy!  Look how big your belly’s getting!!!”

“Mommy, the baby is still alive!  Her heart is beating REALLY loudly!”

“Mommy, the baby is going to live for a reeeeeeally long time!  For sixty-two-sixty-six MONTHS!!  Sixty-two-sixty-six months!

“Mommy, when will the baby come out?”