His First Public Prayer!

Our sweet Bubbers gave the opening prayer in Primary yesterday.  Can you believe it?!  I can’t!

He came home with the assignment taped to his shirt last week and we spent the whole week practicing.  We practiced being reverent.  And how to adjust the microphone.  And how to articulate clearly.  And he did great!

We even got to church early and he had a real dress rehearsal in the Primary room with us.  We were ready!

When the time came, my anxiety level kicked up a notch and I kept telling Charming that one of us should go up with him to make sure things went smoothly.

But Charming kept saying he didn’t need any help because we’d practiced.

But I still wanted one of us to be with him.

But Charming still wanted to give him the chance to do it on his own.

Finally, I settled for standing near the front.  Ready to quickly intervene, if needed.

And Charming settled for standing next to me.  Ready to video tape the whole thing on his iPhone.

And this is what happened: Bubbers’ First Public Prayer

Oh man.  People were laughing about it all day.  What a funny little wiggler!  :)

(Sorry– Embedding videos on this blog keeps messing up.  So you have to go to a different site real quick).

My Favorite Things About This Video:

  • How he prefers to wear his tie outside his vest. :):)
  • How sweet he looks and reverently he sits.  And his adorable dismount from his big chair.
  • The first words out of his mouth.  And the laughter that erupts from the children and tries to erupt from the adults. :):)
  • How much he’s enjoying everyone’s undivided attention. And how I need to gradually increase my intervention before he finally says the prayer (stand next to him; put my hand on his back and wait; whisper, “Go ahead and say the prayer”; then finally taking over and telling him the words to his practiced prayer).
  • How he whispers the words I say before saying them outloud. (He did really well for not having practiced with my help!)
  • How he runs back to his seat. :)
  • My enormous belly.  Already.  (With four more months to go!)

There’s no stopping him now!!

It’s official! Sir Scooters has been walking for over a month now!!

Here’s some footage of his first sure-footed days:


My favorite parts:

  • How he’s decided to get down from couches (and how he keeps wanting to go down the stairs…)
  • How he leads with his wonderfully chubby belly :):)
  • When he smacks his belly!
  • That cute smile!
  • How he loves to carry random things
  • His sweet kisses on my hand!
  • When he reaches his cute hand out for me :):)
  • Brandishing the paint roller with reckless abandon

My little client

I’ve been consulting with a friend of mine about speech therapy for her child and told her I’d make a video of the treatment approach (called Barbara Hodson’s Cycles Approach for Phonological Processes) that I would recommend for her child’s specific needs.

So, one day during the Scooter-tot’s morning nap, I sat down with the Bubbers King and pretended he was my client. The results were so darn adorable, I just had to share…



My favorite parts:

  • How he memorized the treatment words after hearing them just one time!
  • His super sweet intonation and polite manners that just MELT my heart!
  • “How can the camera see me-ee?”
  • “My eyes CAN move…”
  • “Did you know that?!”
  • “Thank you for giving me pieces; I’ll connect ’em.”
  • His amazing attention and awesome enthusiasm

The Raisins

It’s official! The Scooters-man is crawling!

Check it out…

My favorite things about this video:

  • His wonderful chub!!
  • How cute his round little hand looks as he feeds himself
  • That this is his first time eating raisins! :)
  • How excited he is to get more!
  • How much he intensely loves food!
  • His adorable facial expressions–especially when the raisins fall out of his mouth :)
  • Both brothers eating together
  • Scooters attacking Bubbers’ bowl :)
  • Bubbers packing up and high-tailing it outta there!