What is your favorite weather?

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This is my husband’s favorite weather: clear, blue skies.

He says it’s because he grew up in Houston and just loves to see the sun.  Fortunately, he doesn’t care if it’s cold, as long as he can see the sun.

Since this is his favorite weather, he’s really scored around here this past summer and fall, because we’ve had some great weather.  Today he even said, “If our winters were always like this, I could happily live here the rest of my life.”

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And then we come to my favorite weather: melancholy rain.

I’m one of the few people here who actually enjoy the rain and to be honest, I have no idea why.  I think it’s because I grew up in Northern Nevada where it rarely rained.  And when it did, my Father was so happy because he didn’t have to water our 3 acres of grass.  So rain became something rare, special and exciting to me.

Whatever the reason, something about it just calls to my soul.  It feels cozy and safe and wonderfully romantic.  If we go too long without rain, I miss it.  And when I finally wake up to a cool, overcast day, I smile and sigh, “All is right with the world again.”

When the rain comes in the fall, I love to indulge the introverted homebody in me and snuggle at home with the boys and read books, organize the house, and play trains all day long.  It’s a relaxing, restorative treat for me after the busyness of summer outings (that I still need to post about someday…).  And it’s another reason I welcome the rain with a smile.

Since this is my favorite weather, I’ve also really scored around here this past fall.  Because interspersed with the blue skies have been reprieves of wetness.  I could definitely live here happily for the rest of my life.

So, here’s to hoping for a great winter that satisfies my sunny husband and his rainy wife. :)

What about you?  What is your favorite weather and why?

Where do you feel at home?

The other night on my way home from work, my mind went on a trail of thoughts that suddenly brought me to that question.  As I drove, I pondered it.  And the list of answers I came up with made me smile.  I felt like it was a good representation of my personality and interests.

Where do I feel at home?

  • Reclining in the couch at home with a child in my arms
  • Sitting on the floor at my parents’ house while my Mom rubs my head
  • Quietly sitting in the chapel at church or the temple
  • Walking through elementary schools
  • Browsing the local library
  • Talking with parents in the waiting room of a therapy clinic
  • In conversation with a child
  • In nature with a camera in my hands
  • In view of mountains
  • In my husband’s presence

Where do you feel at home?  Where do you feel like your true self?  Completely at ease and comfortable?  And like all is right with the world?