Advice on Blurb?

Hey y’all!

I just opened a Blurb account with the hopes that I’ll someday have my blog printed as a digital scrapbook…

Have any of you ever done Blurb or a digital scrapbook before? Do you have any suggestions or advice?

Which layout do you prefer (e.g. small square, standard landscape, standard portrait, large square, etc.) and why?

Thank you for your help–you guys are the best!!

New headers… What do you think??

I have been absolutely beguiled by the bushes in my front yard and the wonderfully enchanting stories they’ve been telling me!

As a result,  I couldn’t resist making some new headers for my blog…

P1160661 blog header 800

… Like this one.  Oh, how I love these leaves!  With serrated edges!!

P1160617 blog header 800

And this one.  Oh, how I love the contrast of pinks and greens!

P1160645 blog header 800

And this one!  The petals!  Oh, the petals!!

P1160630 blog header 800

And this one…  How I love the shape of that flower!


I can’t put up all of them, can I??  I mean, the last three have such similar composition…

But I can’t choose a favorite!  They’re like my children–I love them all for different reasons!

So, you’ll have to help me choose.  Which one is your favorite?  Why?


P1160617 blog header 800


P1160645 blog header 800


P1160630 blog header 800

Thank you for your help!  :):)

A poll that works and a few more details

Thank you so much for your responses so far!

I’m sorry that last poll didn’t work.

Here is a new one:

Charming requested that I not post any details with my first post to see what people’s unbiased answers were.

But now that you’re asking, I’m allowed to tell… :)

  • Yes, Bubbers is still sleeping great in his crib.
  • No, Bubbers has never tried to climb out of his crib (knock on wood)
  • Yes, the baby will eventually take over his crib.  However, a neighbor has generously offered to lend us a nice co-sleeper/portable crib that baby can use if we’d like to keep Bubbers in the crib and not have to buy another one.
  • No, we don’t have a bed, yet.  When we transition him, we’d like to go ahead and go to a bunk bed.

Our general concerns with a bed are:

  • The cost (which could be delayed for quite a while by borrowing the co-sleeper)
  • Is he too young?
  • Will he stop napping?
  • Will he try to get out at night/during a nap?

Thank you again for your great advice–it is really helpful!