Our first house guests since COVID!

The arrival of Sir Sweetness meant we needed reinforcements. Because the only way Prince Charming could spend three days in the hospital with me was if our five cute monkeys still at home had good care.

In other words, it was time to break our COVID streak of no house guests and fly in the experts.

“Why do we need experts, Mama?”

Why? Because you all are the wiggliest and most precious treasures we have on Earth.

“OK. Dat makes sense.”

Expert #1: Aunt Elise

As you can see, my dear younger sister is the perfect snuggle and reading companion. Princess Shoo-Shee Pants Rapunzel tested these waters the first night Aunt Elise arrived and sure enough! Expert #1 passed with flying colors.

Expert #2: Grandma

Grandma raised eight wigglers of her own and Sir Sweetness was her 39th grandchild. So when it comes to experts, she’s it! She even came prepared with two fresh decks of cards to play the kids’ favorite card games and teach them a new one. (She also taught them Yahtzee!)

And when we played a game of Simon Says before our family scripture study of the Book of Mormon…

Grandma took a turn and had to be extra tricky to catch Sir Potatoes off guard. (He was such a good sport!)

Then the directions kept coming!

“Simon says fold your arms.”

“Simon says lay down.”

“Simon says sit up.”

“Simon says give me a hug.”


We were definitely leaving our little saplings in the hands of loving experts. And what a blessing! It allowed us to really focus on meeting our newest…

… Baby Boy!

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