Day 2: What’s his name?

We got that question a lot in the hospital. My mom asked me. My friends asked me. Every doctor and nurse who walked in my room asked me.

But every time I gave the same answer: “We don’t know.”

Because there aren’t a lot of names left for a fifth son that fit all of my rules and all of Charming’s rules.

You see, I wanted boy names that hadn’t been used for girls, couldn’t be shortened into a nickname and weren’t really common.

I also wanted a first name with strong sounds in it and a middle name from the Bible like all of our other children. And, of course, all three names needed to fit well together.

And Charming wanted a name that wasn’t a verb or a noun and preferred classic names that fit his tastes.

Since we couldn’t decide before he was born, we decided to wait until we met him. And let me tell you, once we had, it made things even HARDER!

Because there was no Earthly way this amount of squishy cuteness could be contained in a single word.

We wanted a name that fit his beautiful personality. His sweetness, strength and calm. He was so special, he needed a name that conveyed that.

So we did our best and tried calling him different names, but they never felt right for long.

Joseph Hyrum?

Hyrum Joseph?

Isaac Joseph?

Joseph Isaac?

Eric Joseph?

Eric Michael?

Try as we might, it became clear that the only thing we wanted to call him on his second day…

… Was ours. :)

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