The first day of school!

Today was our official first day of school! We broke open the new math books and worksheets. And we took our First Day Photos.

Take a look!

Sir Bubbers (with a fistful of potato bugs!): 6th grade

Sir Boots (who found two handfuls of potato bugs that stung him, poor guy!): 4th grade

Sir Potatoes (and his new Disneyland buttons!): 2nd grade

Sir Joo-Jee (in his new swim shirt he wants to wear every day!): Pre-Kindergarten

(Truth be told, I’m basically doing kindergarten with him. He didn’t meet the deadline for our remote school program, but he’s ready to learn, so I’m teaching him. He loves his lessons so much, it’s wonderful.)

Princess Shoo-Shee (with her brother’s shuriken!): Toddler school

We’re excited for the new adventures this school year will bring. :)


p.s. Check out these adorable curls! I still have a hard time believing we have a little girl. With blue eyes. And curly hair. And the sweetest smiles and giggles. I just look at her in wonder.