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The Muffin Monster: In California!

July 25th, 2018

This is a plant. That someone is trying to kill.

This is a Muffin.

With adorable chub and plant blood. All over her sleeves.

These are ten toes.

Secretly hiding a black layer of MORE plant blood.

Lock your doors and hide your greenery, folks. The Muffin Monster has followed us all the way to California.


The cutest pillows ever!

July 22nd, 2018

The Potato Pillow!

The Joo-Jee Waffle Pillow!

The Boots Pillow!

(Look at that smile!!)

(Hee, hee! You can’t see me!)

The Bubbers Cherry on Top!

The Ghost Hand!

The Ghost!!

Because playing with pillows is such hard work! :)

I just love to look at her

July 18th, 2018

Because one headband just isn’t enough

July 18th, 2018

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