Silent Nights

June 12th, 2018

It gets awfully quiet around here at night now. Don’t believe me? Here, follow me…

*Read, read, read*

Nipsies. Satyrs. Fog Giants. Shadow Lady. Wolf Man. Dragons. Demons. Goblins. Witches.

*Read, read, read*

Yep. This is what happens when a new book from the library comes home!

Well, unless I call his name for five minutes and ask him a question as fast as I can in the two seconds I’ve got his attention.

Hi, Bubbers! Hey, real quick… Can-you-show-me-what-you’re-reading?

Fablehaven? Sweet!

Awww, aren’t you so handsome?

Ok, you can go ahead. Commence the goblins!

Oh man, what a fun sight.

Read on, my child! Read on.

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