Piano! (by Sir Potatoes)

Whoops, that was a little fuzzy. Let’s try again, Mom…

Whoah, Potatoes! Your crazy eyes are scaring me!

Ha! Sorry, Mom! Let’s try *one* more time…

Awww, there we go! Okay, we’re ready. Go ahead, Sir Potatoes…

Hi, everyone!

Guess what? Last week was pretty special. Mom and I went to our last practice for our piano duet! I kind of sprang it on her one day after a piano lesson.

“Mom! We’re playing a duet for the recital!!!”

“We are?” She looked up in surprise from the lesson she was giving one of my brothers in the front seat of the van. Then she smiled. “That’s awesome!”

And you know what? It was awesome.


A truck load of practicing.

(And I mean a big truck load!)

And then, you know what it was last night?


Hold it, hold it, hold it!

I forgot!

FIRST, we went to Cub Scouts to cheer on Sir Boots.

GO, SIR BOOTS!! Great job on your boat!!


And there might have been a teensy little group timeout when Mom found the 50 pounds of landscaping rocks that had somehow been heaved into the parking lot right next to us.

(For reals, though, we were like, “How on Earth did that get there? We did NOT throw it there. No way, Jose. Even though that would be super cool. Because, you know, we’re actually strong enough to toss those huge rocks like they were nothing at all. Just check out these guns, Mom.”

And Mom was like, “I know exactly how they got there, you strong little Wooga Monsters. Now put it all back where it goes. And then sit next to me and don’t move for 20 years.”)

If it wasn’t for the piano recital, we might still be sitting there today.

Yay for piano recitals!!!

Aww, you boys sure look cute!

Thanks, Mom!

During the recital…

Sir Joo-Jee bowed backwards!

(“I bowed funny, Mom!” he said with a laugh.)

And we all had solos that made Mom and Dad grin from the heart out!

Boots and Bubbers did awesome on a really tough ragtime duet!

And Mom and I played Rusty Old Bike! I looked at her with the sweetest, most angelic smile on my face that made Mom want to just look and smile back! I tell you, that moment was heaven on Earth.

Then our teacher handed out awards and I asked why Mom didn’t get one, because she played, too! So I told her I’d make an award for her at home.

Oh, my goodness, Potatoes! You are the sweetest person ever!!

Does that mean I get more cookies??

Well, no. Because you’ve already had about 15 tonight. But I’m so very proud of you and your brothers! Great job!! And I loved playing with you!

Thanks, Mom. Me, too!!

Wait a second… I know! Next time, let’s play TWO duets!!

Joo-Jee: Did he just say what I think he said?

Boots: He sure did!

Bubbers: Get out another truck load of practicing!

Ha, ha! That’s right!

Goodbye, everyone! Thanks for reading and have a great night!


Sir Piano Potatoes

Silent Nights

It gets awfully quiet around here at night now. Don’t believe me? Here, follow me…

*Read, read, read*

Nipsies. Satyrs. Fog Giants. Shadow Lady. Wolf Man. Dragons. Demons. Goblins. Witches.

*Read, read, read*

Yep. This is what happens when a new book from the library comes home!

Well, unless I call his name for five minutes and ask him a question as fast as I can in the two seconds I’ve got his attention.

Hi, Bubbers! Hey, real quick… Can-you-show-me-what-you’re-reading?

Fablehaven? Sweet!

Awww, aren’t you so handsome?

Ok, you can go ahead. Commence the goblins!

Oh man, what a fun sight.

Read on, my child! Read on.

No stopping me now! (by Princess Muffin Cakes)

Hello, World!

Can you believe it? This is my first time with the blogging reins and you’ll never guess what I get to tell you!

I’ll give you a hint…

It has something to do with my adorably chubby legs.

And two sweet little hands I hold out for balance now.

Did you guess it?

I can walk!!!!

I wasn’t sure about going solo like this for a while, but after turning 17 months old I decided it was time to spread my feet and fly. And, boy oh boy, now I’m hooked!

Ok, see you later!

Oh, wait. Are you still there?

Mommy said I shouldn’t just leave you hanging like that.

So come with me to one of my favorite places on Earth and one of the best inventions known to little girls…

The trampoline!!!

And check it out…

Oh, yeah.

I’ve even found my trampoline legs!!

Mommy couldn’t believe it!

Yep. It’s official!

Lock the doors and hide the keys. Because this lady is upright and loving it!

Bye, bye, World!


Her Royal Shoo-Sheeness