Saying goodbye

April 29th, 2018

It was very hard for me to say goodbye to our old minivan when we traded her in for the Ford Transit.

I knew she was old. And dented. And I didn’t know how much gas I had or how fast I was going. And I struggled to get my seatbelt unfastened and wondered if someday I wouldn’t be able to. And my children fit like sardines inside her.

But I didn’t care. She held two of my newborn sons and my newborn daughter. She took us to my father’s funeral. She took us to Ocean Shores. And Great Wolf Lodge. And Canada!

She took us to church every Sunday. Piano lessons and soccer. The library and so many birthday and school field trips!

She was so easy to get into when I was pregnant and couldn’t walk. And she held my walker in the trunk.

Thank you, Chrysler Town and Country! I’ll miss you and the sweet memories of looking inside you and seeing my children grow before my eyes.

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