A Beautiful Sight

April 29th, 2018

We bought a new van a few weeks ago. I was very nervous about learning how to drive this ginormous beast and almost chickened out.

But fortunately, Charming took both of our firm “Yes” answers from the Lord and went along with the crazy smooth car salesman who had him signing the purchase agreement before he even realized what was happening!

I’m glad, though, because it’s been a huge blessing! (Ha!) This is what I drive full-time with the kids as we homeschool and it’s soooo nice. We’ve got plenty of room and it magically fits in places I swear it wouldn’t.

And the other night as I walked inside, I saw the sun setting on her and I smiled. She really is a beautiful sight to me now.

I love you, sweet Bohemoth! Thank you for taking great care of our dear family. :)

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