17 Blessed Years

When people say that a single decision can change the course of their whole lives, they’re right.

Marrying this man 17 years ago felt good and right and wonderful. Now I see that was only the tip of the iceberg.

I’m humbly and profoundly grateful that while I still can’t see that whole iceberg, Heavenly Father always has. And He had a special hand in leading us together, because He knew we needed each other. Thank You.

And thank you, Love, for being a good man. A righteous husband. A real friend. A dedicated, conscientious father. And a lot of fun, to boot!

I love you! Happy Anniversary! :):)

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Saying goodbye

It was very hard for me to say goodbye to our old minivan when we traded her in for the Ford Transit.

I knew she was old. And dented. And I didn’t know how much gas I had or how fast I was going. And I struggled to get my seatbelt unfastened and wondered if someday I wouldn’t be able to. And my children fit like sardines inside her.

But I didn’t care. She held two of my newborn sons and my newborn daughter. She took us to my father’s funeral. She took us to Ocean Shores. And Great Wolf Lodge. And Canada!

She took us to church every Sunday. Piano lessons and soccer. The library and so many birthday and school field trips!

She was so easy to get into when I was pregnant and couldn’t walk. And she held my walker in the trunk.

Thank you, Chrysler Town and Country! I’ll miss you and the sweet memories of looking inside you and seeing my children grow before my eyes.

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A Beautiful Sight

We bought a new van a few weeks ago. I was very nervous about learning how to drive this ginormous beast and almost chickened out.

But fortunately, Charming took both of our firm “Yes” answers from the Lord and went along with the crazy smooth car salesman who had him signing the purchase agreement before he even realized what was happening!

I’m glad, though, because it’s been a huge blessing! (Ha!) This is what I drive full-time with the kids as we homeschool and it’s soooo nice. We’ve got plenty of room and it magically fits in places I swear it wouldn’t.

And the other night as I walked inside, I saw the sun setting on her and I smiled. She really is a beautiful sight to me now.

I love you, sweet Bohemoth! Thank you for taking great care of our dear family. :)

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They can hold her again!

The boys have *loved* holding their sister and she’s loved it, too. They all lined up the moment she woke up and called turns to see her and hold her.

Until a few months ago, when she suddenly decided only Mom could hold her, ever. (Which made me feel very special!)

But the boys kept begging for a turn to hold her, so I would try again. It usually lasted all of five seconds while she arched her back and cried for Mom to save her. They were so sad.

Then this morning, I thought, “Heyyy, she’s really interested in books now and will hold still to see one. I wonder…”

And it worked!!! She was perfectly content to be held and read to!

They were so excited, they all asked for turns and she obliged them all and had a wonderful time. It was beautiful!!

Great job, Shoo-Shee!! :):)


P.S. This binky is cracking me up. She stopped taking a binky very early (maybe a month or two old?). So I put the cute pink and purple binkies away in a drawer.

Then after she turned a year, she suddenly grabbed an old binky from the toy basket and popped it in her mouth as she played. She crawled around with it. And chewed on it when she was teething. It was so cute!

So I pulled out the pink and purple ones again and added them to the toy baskets. She loves them and I love seeing her get more use out of them. I’ve never had a child do this before!