The biggest difference

Many people have asked, “What’s it like having a daughter now? How is she different than your sons?”

And I’ve had to respond, “You know, she’s not a whole lot different… She’s super sweet and mellow, like our boys were. It is hard to find clothes that fit her- she’s growing out of them really fast. And it’s especially hard to find dresses wide enough for her… But other than that, she just looks like a little girl version of our boys.”

Of course, that was before we started feeding her solid food.

When she turned six months old, the doctor said she needed to start cereal to get the iron. So we got her some and mixed it with breast milk.

She wasn’t impressed.

But, our boys made funny faces at first, too. So we didn’t think much of it.

But she never stopped looking miserable… And then she started gagging.

Finally, she refused to even open her mouth. If I held a spoon up to her mouth, she sealed those lips shut tight and wouldn’t budge an inch.

That’s when I realized she was, in fact, very different from our sons. Our boys took to food like they’d been waiting their whole premortal lives to have it and wanted anything and everything in sight! If it was food, they wanted it pronto.

But Shoo-Shee? Not so much.

I thought maybe it just needed time, but she just kept gagging and refusing food. So I stepped back and assessed the situation. If there really was something about it that was making her gag, how could we get the food to her in a different way?

I noticed that she would eat tiny pieces of bread and opened her mouth for that. And it gave me the idea to try dipping those tiny pieces of bread in the baby food and see if she’d eat it.

Lo and behold, it worked! She actually opened her mouth again and ate it and hardly gagged!

Then I dipped my finger in it and fed her rice cereal or baby food off of my finger. And that worked, too!

Yay!! Look at that adorable pink bib!

After weeks of the bread and my finger,I tried the spoon again and miraculously, she ate it without even batting an eye or gagging a bit!

She’s been going strong for a couple of months now and the only hiccups we’ve had is with new flavors of baby food (yeah, I’d prefer the fruits over the meat/veggies, too!) and teething (I wouldn’t want to eat if my mouth was sore, either, poor girl). But if I fall back on the bits of bread, she pulls through again. :) And she’ll try any kind of table food you offer her. Such a trooper.

Phew. I’m so glad! Way to go, Shoo-Shee!

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