We have a dog!

My walker post reminded me!… Princess Muffin Cakes has ignored our dog, Buster, her whole life. And this last week I found myself alone with her while the older boys were off playing at our park and Joo-Jee was on his one-on-one campout with Dad.

I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, so I decided to trim the puff ball from Buster’s tail. It seems that when we tell the groomer to shave everything off of him, they always leave a sweeping puff ball on his tail. It’s a little frustrating, but oh well.

So I set up Shoo-Shee with some toys and was just going to get some scissors when I noticed her smiling and staring… At Buster’s tail!!! She was completely enthralled by him. I don’t know if it’s because he looked different after the groomer or what, but she loved him and I couldn’t bring myself to chop off her object of delight so I let him keep his crazy tail. :)

I held him still so she could pet him and it was the cutest thing. Her smile! Oh, melt my heart…

p.s. Yes, our dog wears a diaper. After Shoo-Shee was born, he suddenly started marking things in the house (our new rug, her Bumbo seat, my room…). And I don’t know how to stop him, so I started wrapping him. That way we get to keep our dog and a clean house at the same time. My husband thinks it’s nuts and wants to donate the dog. I think it’s brilliant because we need a dog for our children and I don’t want to train a new one. :) And as you can see, he is a very sweet dog. Couldn’t be a better pet to our kids. And they love him. So we’ll be buying diapers until he dies… Right, Love? :)

Her first time in the walker!

She’s the fifth child to use this trusty walker and this is the longest I’ve waited to try it out. She’s eight months old and such an easy-going baby that I haven’t felt the need to get out more than the bouncers and exersaucer for her. (She also uses our jumper and Bumbo seat, but those store away nicely and don’t take up real estate like these others.)

But today she was tired after napping poorly and I needed to buy more time before her next naptime, so I thought I’d try out something brand new to distract her. She loved it and started pushing backward immediately!! I couldn’t believe it… Kept backing into the couches. :) She also loved trying to reach for Buster!

“I’ll get it, Mom!”

“We need to get down the next book of Harry Potter,” I mentioned in passing yesterday afternoon. We’d finished the third book together and needed the fourth to start that night.

“I’ll get it, Mom!” Bubbers called from downstairs. And before I knew it, he’d figured out a way to reach the ladder and move it over so he could climb on.

Holy cow, this child is getting so tall! And resourceful! And independent!

It amazes me and makes me proud all at the same time. Great job, Bubbers!

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