Time for the dentist

July 28th, 2017

Let’s see that one again, shall we?


• The dentist told me with great amusement: 

“Snakeboy had the best description I’ve ever heard. I was scraping some tartar off of his bottom front teeth when he said, ‘It feels like you took off my gums, ran them through a trash compactor and then put them back on again!’…. I wasn’t even touching his gums. And I asked him if he had a trash compactor and he said no.”

• How cute they are in their little sunglasses

• How did their legs get so long??
• The dentist squeezed in sealants for Scooters right after his cleaning!

• Sweet Shoo-Shee stealing everyone’s hearts with her chubby cheeks and pudgy legs

• How Joo-Jee wanted to be just like his brothers and get a ride on the chair, have someone look in his mouth, get a bag, and get everything from the drawer in his bag

• The poor floss didn’t stand a chance… Lasted maybe 10 minutes before it was emptied all over the floor and randomly picked up as Joo-Jee tried to floss his teeth

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