A story from the Old Testament

July 24th, 2017

(Potatoes loves getting new chores on his chart and last week he was very excited to do this one for the first time: Wash the back door window! Such a cutie…)

Potatoes loves to read his scriptures and recently inherited a new (used) set from Scooters who just got his brand new baptism set.

So Potatoes brought his new set to church yesterday and began reading his Bible. When he realized what he was reading, he excitedly turned to me during sacrament meeting and said, “I’m reading about Adam and Eve!”

Oh, it was so cute! He marked off the verses as he went along and got them out again tonight to read some more, telling me about Cain and Abel. He’s so excited to have his very own Bible.

Earlier today, he came out during quiet time, where he had been listening to The Scripture Scouts: Old Testament. The Scripture Scouts are his favorite and he asked me if he could tell me a story from the Old Testament. He also said he wanted an Old Testament of his own and I explained it was already part of his new Bible and that’s what he’d been reading at church! Boy, that made his day. :)

Then he told me all about Jacob and Esau and tricking their Dad.

“Because Jacob gave a meal to his brother, so Esau would give him the birthmark.”

Oh, my heavens, I love this child!

“Wait,” I said, not sure I heard right and hoping I had. “So Jacob gave him a meal. And then Esau gave him…?”

“The birthmark,” Potatoes filled in.

Just like I hoped he would. :):)

“Ah, I see.” I said and nodded.

No way am I correcting that adorableness!!

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