One reason I love to homeschool…

July 20th, 2017

… Is when their new books and supplies start showing up on our doorstep and I see how excited they are to use them.

“When does school start, Mom????” they ask, clutching their new books and hopping up and down.

“Only two months??? That’s like tomorrow!!!” And they almost bounce through the floor.

Good heavens, I hope not! I’m not ready at all and hoping for a bit more rest and time off before our busy schedule starts up again. But seeing their excitement and love for learning is so fun and always makes me smile.

And seeing the older children telling the younger ones what they get to look forward to really warms my heart.

Like this morning when Potatoes asked me first thing if there were anymore new books for him. And then started hauling out random kindergarten supplies to show Joo-Jee what he’ll be doing in two years.

And before I knew it, the two of them were on my bed, fondly discussing the magic of learning to read and having math lessons.

And I just smiled.

Because right there, I saw why we homeschool.

And why we wanted a large family.

And why I’m worn out and often struggle trying to navigate the unknown territories of all of this.

And why it’s a complete and total honor.

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m | 7/21/2017 5:45 am

Aww, that’s wonderful! I love how much they love learning! Thanks for working so hard to instill that in them. You’re doing a fantastic job!


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