A special treat

Taking turns being with Princess Muffin Cakes on our bed is one of their favorite treats. And she loves it just as much as they do!

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Time for the dentist

Let’s see that one again, shall we?


• The dentist told me with great amusement: 

“Snakeboy had the best description I’ve ever heard. I was scraping some tartar off of his bottom front teeth when he said, ‘It feels like you took off my gums, ran them through a trash compactor and then put them back on again!’…. I wasn’t even touching his gums. And I asked him if he had a trash compactor and he said no.”

• How cute they are in their little sunglasses

• How did their legs get so long??
• The dentist squeezed in sealants for Scooters right after his cleaning!

• Sweet Shoo-Shee stealing everyone’s hearts with her chubby cheeks and pudgy legs

• How Joo-Jee wanted to be just like his brothers and get a ride on the chair, have someone look in his mouth, get a bag, and get everything from the drawer in his bag

• The poor floss didn’t stand a chance… Lasted maybe 10 minutes before it was emptied all over the floor and randomly picked up as Joo-Jee tried to floss his teeth

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“You bet!”

We get a lot of comments from people about our family when we go out in public. And even though it happens a lot, it still catches me off guard and sometimes I’m not sure how to respond.

Like yesterday when I went in for a physical. We sat down in the waiting room and a man looked over and asked how many sons I had. 

“Four sons and she’s a daughter.” I gestured to my boys and then reached out to touch Shoo-Shee’s stroller.

“Wow!” His eyebrows rose. “Your hands are full!”

“Yes, they are.” I smiled. I get that comment a lot and never know what to say… Yep!

“You have one full hand!” he continued and held up a hand.

I laughed. That was a new one!

“Four fingers and a tum.” He pointed to his fingers and thumb.

“That’s true.” I nodded and smiled again.

Then after my appointment, Scooters asked if he could try the blood pressure machine and I said sure.

As we waited, a woman pushed her elderly mother in a wheelchair down the hall where we were.

In a voice laced with a heavy undercurrent of contempt, the elderly mother asked, “Are they all yours?”

Something about the way her voice sounded brought out the perfect response in me. 

“You bet!” I beamed back. “They are all mine!” Then I smiled around at my awesome children.

The daughter pushing the wheelchair smiled back. “What a good-looking group of kids.”

“Thank you! They sure are.” 

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