Saying Goodbye

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Dear Readers,

After seven years of sharing my dear family with you through stories and pictures, I’m sad to say goodbye. I wish I could keep writing about my adventures, but I’ve come to the point where it takes all of me just to live the adventures.

We’re gearing up for another year of homeschool with a new extension district and my second son eager to start kindergarten. Our garden and chickens give us bounty every day. The boys love nothing more than to snuggle with me and read or run off to play Transformers together. I still struggle physically from pregnancy/nursing hormones, but that’s ok.

Our littlest one is just adorable and has stolen all of our hearts. I’m trying to learn to relax when I get a chance. I’ve taken a break from writing to enjoy researching the Regency era and just letting my brain dream stories. My husband and I just enjoyed a hilarious night out to see Bill Cosby live- what a master comedian! I’m also learning to trust and rely on Heavenly Father more. And I’m finding out what it means to have my efforts magnified by the grace of Jesus Christ.

This picture was from Mother’s Day in May. My husband asked what I wanted and I said a picture with my boys. I was in the midst of some bad postpartum anxiety at the time, so it was a real gift to spend a day just playing with each of them. I love this picture. Sometimes, like now, I look at it to get the strength to say goodbye. Their faces remind me that I love them more than anything on earth and I’d sacrifice anything for them.

I will miss you and this blog very much. I’ve put my heart, laughter and tears into these snippets of my life and you’ve all been a wonderful support. Thank you so very much.

My husband is researching how to export the blog and make a book out of it. Once he’s done, we’ll be shutting it down.

Take care and best wishes to you and your families!


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3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. I will miss you Heidi! Being a mom takes so much time. I’m sure even more with homeschooling. I applaud you for that. I sincerely believe it takes a very special person to homeschool. I am not special enough I guess. :) Ha ha. Please come check on me regularly in my own blog. I’m still trudging along. ;) I have printed my blog into four books thus far. Each year Nathan gives me another volume for Christmas. My kids LOVE reading all of them and it makes my heart happy that I’ve preserved their childhood in a small way. Best of luck to you and your adorable boys, :)

  2. I will miss reading your posts. You are an amazing woman! May God bless you and your beautiful boys!

  3. Heidi, I’ll miss your blog, but I understand why you are saying good bye. I look forward to buying your first novel in the future. :)

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