He’s four!

(This post was planned last year, but never got finished when my chronic pain made it too difficult to use a computer. Please forgive the tardiness and enjoy. Oh, and after a bit I’ll move it to last year for better chronological order.)


Oh, where has the time gone? Our wonderful Boots is four!!


I love how much he enjoyed wearing the special birthday crown just like his big brother did.


And I love when he gets quiet and focused. That’s how you know something is really important to him.


He never asks for much, so I loved surprising him with a tube of Thomas toothpaste just like his little brother’s.


He often asks to use his little brother’s and will love having his own!


I love how his pants are always too long.


And his shirts are always just right.


And his face is as sweet as can be.


And the wrinkle nose!


His brothers just love him and it warms my heart.


He asked for pancakes and eggs.


Man, I love that smile.


And those incredible eyes.


Someday I’ll figure out how to describe them.


He wanted a Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader cake, so we searched for a picture online and he picked this one. (With a little nudging from me because the others he picked were way out of my artistic league.) Then he wanted to add R2D2. And C3Po.

093 edited

The little cutie was easy to please. I love that.

Darth cropped

Later on, the guests arrived for Boots’ first birthday party with friends!


First they defeated Darth Vader!


Then Boots got the first swing at the Death Star!




We made this one a bit too sturdy, so we gave big brother the light saber and told him to do some damage. I love how sensitive Boots is to loud noises. After his first hit, he didn’t want to hit it anymore. But he kept watching with eager anticipation and covered ears.


Then he moved even further away! So cute.


After that it was time for dessert!


He got quiet and focused again as his friends sang to him for the first time. I wished I could read his thoughts.


Then he did it!


Just look at that smile! What a cutie.


All of his friends and even his grandparents, Papa and gg, were there! What a special day.


I love you, sweet boy, with all of my heart! Thank you for being my dear son.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful adventure of Boots’ 4th birthday. It looked like such fun. I especially liked how Darth Vader looked very realistic–wow–and the cake decorating was great–you’re very brave. Boots was adorable as usual.

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