The Surprise Party

I got an email last week from a woman at my husband’s work. They wanted to throw a surprise baby shower for Charming and wondered if the boys and I could attend. I was touched and said, “Of course!” It was right after we went to my last OB appointment before the birth and the perfect way to celebrate! (She also took these great pictures and shared them with us afterward.)

The hardest part for me was keeping it a secret. I wanted to tell the boys, but knew they’d tell Daddy. (Boots thinks it’s okay to tell a secret as long as he WHISPERS it to you.) So I had to wait until after the appointment and Daddy was driving off in his own car to tell Boots and then Brother and Potatoes after picking them up from a friend’s house.

They LOVED it. We made a big deal of sneaking into his work and whispering, so he couldn’t hear us. Then we hid in a dark room with his colleagues until he arrived.

Mark's Surprise Baby Shower 1

And man, was he surprised!

Mark's Surprise Baby Shower 10

He had no idea and felt badly that he’d kept us waiting for a bit. Brother and Potatoes ran to greet him and Boots waited for him under the table, because he’d bonked his head in all the excitement. (Poor guy!)

Mark's Surprise Baby Shower 4

They had  a beautiful diaper cake with a number “4” up top and a talking lion, fun balloons, light-up duckies for the boys and very generous gift cards.

Mark's Surprise Baby Shower 6

They even had some games that Potatoes scribbled while playing with his light-up ducky. :)

Mark's Surprise Baby Shower 5

Charming was introduced to a classic “guess-the-candy-in-the-diaper” game that was too funny.

Mark's Surprise Baby Shower 9

And the whole time, Boots (I love his face in this picture) kept trying to figure out whose poo-poo’s was in the diapers, why Daddy was smelling them and why everyone kept laughing.

The boys behaved so well and enjoyed the snacks, cake and swiveling in the chairs (though poor Potatoes and Boots caught their fingers pretty bad while swiveling and Potatoes hugged me and cried, “Go! Go!” until I pulled out a bag of kettle corn for him– then he sat in my lap and ate it in the picture above).

Mark's Surprise Baby Shower 2

What a wonderful way to celebrate our new son! And what a treat for Charming to have a turn in the spotlight for being a New Daddy. Thank you to everyone at his wonderful job who planned and carried out such a great party! We are so grateful for you and for how much Charming loves his job and co-workers. Thanks for making our day special and sharing in the joy of our miracle.

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