“Good night, Mommy!”

Nights are always bad for my chronic pain and I usually retreat to my black couch to give my pelvic joints a rest after Charming comes home. The boys miss having me in their bedtime routine, so Charming brings them downstairs to say good night right before going to bed.


One night, Potatoes was especially sad that I wasn’t coming up for our special “chair time” and hugged me for a long time. I asked Daddy to take a picture and after that, it became a new routine in Potatoes’ mind. :)


He smiled for some more pictures and then asked to see them on Daddy’s phone.


Now, almost every night, he asks for hugs and Daddy to take a picture that he can see. :)


The other boys have joined in the routine and when I’m not able to go up to tuck them in, they come say good night.


Boots is always sad and keeps asking if I can come, even after Daddy’s tucked him in. If I can’t, then he sends me a message on Daddy’s phone or by word-of-mouth, “Dear Mommy, I love you. From, Boots.”


And last to go to bed is Brother. He tucks himself in, so he just comes for snuggles and if I’m up for it, Daddy and I play tug-of-war with him (though Charming has to go easy on me!). Then he asks us to listen on the monitor in case Boots talks and heads upstairs.

Thanks, Charming, for taking on bedtimes all by yourself and finding a special way to include me! I love you all.

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