“I can’t wait to see the baby!” by Brother


Hi, everyone! I just wanted to tell you how excited I am to see the baby.


Every day I smile at Mommy with sparkly eyes and say, “I can’t wait to see the baby! I bet he’ll be so cute.” And she agrees and tells me about how it will be to have a baby around and all the gurgly sounds he’ll make, and it makes me laugh and get even MORE excited.


Then I just have to give him squeezes and kisses and try to find him in there.


I love you, little brother! I can’t wait to see you soon.

Working Together


Another unexpected blessing of this pregnancy has been seeing these two blossom in their ability to work and work together. I finally realized one day that some of the things I couldn’t do, these two boys could.


So while I sat on my walker, these two followed my instructions and learned how to plant peas. (And clean the floor, weed the strawberries, harvest the apple pears, potatoes, zucchini and cucumbers, haul water, empty and fill the dishwasher, bring in the garbage and recycle bins, and anything else that Mommy needed their help doing.)


First they weeded every bucket Daddy had lined up for me, then they planted and watered the whole thing!


And as I sat back and watched, I marveled that I never would have asked them to do this if I had been well.  And I never would have found out what a wonderful job they could do.


Or how much they would enjoy doing it together.

Thank you, boys! I couldn’t have done this without you, your sunny smiles and your eagerness to help.

Dr. Boots


This little boy has quite the tender heart. He always prays for “Mommy’s back to feel better,” gives me impromptu back rubs, covers me with his special libbit and asks if that helps.

2013-08-16 08.00.34

He’s also declared he’s “Dr. Boots” and cared for me. Once he gave me his favorite buddy and libbit and then played the piano for me.

I didn’t realize my boys and I could love each other more than we did before this pregnancy, but we do. Somehow, in a way I’m sure only God truly understands, this difficult time has drawn us closer and deepened our love. And it’s been one of my most treasured tender mercies from up above. Thank you, Heavenly Father.

“Good night, Mommy!”

Nights are always bad for my chronic pain and I usually retreat to my black couch to give my pelvic joints a rest after Charming comes home. The boys miss having me in their bedtime routine, so Charming brings them downstairs to say good night right before going to bed.


One night, Potatoes was especially sad that I wasn’t coming up for our special “chair time” and hugged me for a long time. I asked Daddy to take a picture and after that, it became a new routine in Potatoes’ mind. :)


He smiled for some more pictures and then asked to see them on Daddy’s phone.


Now, almost every night, he asks for hugs and Daddy to take a picture that he can see. :)


The other boys have joined in the routine and when I’m not able to go up to tuck them in, they come say good night.


Boots is always sad and keeps asking if I can come, even after Daddy’s tucked him in. If I can’t, then he sends me a message on Daddy’s phone or by word-of-mouth, “Dear Mommy, I love you. From, Boots.”


And last to go to bed is Brother. He tucks himself in, so he just comes for snuggles and if I’m up for it, Daddy and I play tug-of-war with him (though Charming has to go easy on me!). Then he asks us to listen on the monitor in case Boots talks and heads upstairs.

Thanks, Charming, for taking on bedtimes all by yourself and finding a special way to include me! I love you all.