It’s that time of year again when you can win a prize for spreading the word about the LDStorymakers Midwest Conference! Last year, I won a free edit and I’m such a slow writer, I’m trying to finish 50 pages to finally redeem my free edit this month.

This year, they’re offering first chapter critiques from eight different published authors. Very exciting!

You can click here to register for the Midwest conference.

You can enter here for the Show the Love! giveaway.

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As part of the contest, you’re asked to share your favorite Storymakers memory and I realized I never did share about my trip a couple months ago. I went to my second LDStorymakers Conference in Provo, Utah.

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It was actually kind of rough on me, because I was nauseated and tired from being pregnant. And I also had a cold. Adding traveling, trying to pay attention to classes and sitting down for hours on end (excruciating for my pregnancy back/pelvis pains) became a bit much for me. :(

But there were two highlights I really, really enjoyed.


The first was seeing these ladies. It was a neat milestone for me to go to a writers conference and actually know some of the people (a first for me)! I met these wonderful gals at the ANWA retreat back in November. There was another woman who wasn’t able to come to this conference, so we took a picture to let her know we were missing her. It was so fun to have a group of great friends to sit with and attend the classes together.

2013-05-11 12.43.48

The second highlight was meeting this woman. She was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, completely genuine and kind. And she was so excited to hear that I write romance. It totally made my day and I actually forgot how crummy I felt for a little while. :) Thank you, friend!

If you’ve never been to an LDStorymakers Conference, I whole-heartedly recommend it. They have had a huge impact on my writing and led me to find the support and guidance I needed.

Thank you, Storymakers! I hope the Midwest Conference is a smashing success!

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  1. Really great pictures of you. So glad you could have such a great experience with wonderful people.

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