San Juan Island

My best friend and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary this week. My parents were in town and they graciously watched our three Jedi Knights, an Ewok puppy and 14 chickens while Charming and I took a day to ourselves. (Thank you!!)

We enjoyed a sunny day trip to San Juan Island and fell in love with the gorgeous farmland and sweeping views of the water. I saved Charming when I saw a bee in his hair while he was driving. And he saved me when the bee flew onto my shoulder and he whacked it off with a water bottle. Then he made me laugh so hard when he sang banjo music as the soundtrack to our little adventure.

Someday, I am going to write a historical romance novel set in this magical slice of heaven, with a Cousin Vinnie from Brooklyn who makes authentic New York subs that I can still taste.

And someday, Charming is going to buy a farm there. And pile up all of his rocks right in the middle of the field, just like an islander.

Happy Anniversary, My Love! You’re the best decision I ever made.

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3 thoughts on “San Juan Island

  1. Time was, a man could plan to buy a farm and put rocks in the middle of his land and people wouldn’t post it all over the Internet…I miss those days.

  2. Thanks for sharing your getaway. Looks like it was a lot of fun and Charming was certainly a stellar and perfect decision!

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