Cherry blossoms

A couple of days ago, I wondered when the cherry blossoms would bloom at my Alma mater. When I found out they were right at that very moment, I asked my husband if he was game for an early morning visit yesterday and he was! We took the boys down and enjoyed a perfectly lovely visit to one of the most romantic places I know. Now I just need to figure out how to include it in my novel.


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4 thoughts on “Cherry blossoms

  1. Wow, can see why you love the blossoming trees so much, gorgeous. Isn’t spring invigorating? Thanks for sharing your fun family outing. Boots has quite the grip!

  2. have you gone to the arboretum near the Montlake Bridge yet? I always loved to go there in the spring, it’s gorgeous!

  3. oh and there’s more than one part…there’s the part with the floating pathways and docks that go near 520, and there is the beautiful green walkway that goes under tons of blossoming trees.

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