Cherry blossoms

A couple of days ago, I wondered when the cherry blossoms would bloom at my Alma mater. When I found out they were right at that very moment, I asked my husband if he was game for an early morning visit yesterday and he was! We took the boys down and enjoyed a perfectly lovely visit to one of the most romantic places I know. Now I just need to figure out how to include it in my novel.


093 good

162 good

223 good

181 good

258 and 259

The Chicks! (by Brother)




Oh, hi, everyone!


Just look at them! A week ago we got seven barred rock chicks from the feed store…


… And Mommy put them in the bathtub! She read about it in a book and thought it sounded great. And it was great. I just loved going in to see them and reaching in to hold them. I would have kept them in there forever!!

But the dust gave Daddy allergies. And the smell didn’t agree with either of my parents. And they kind of cheeped a lot.


So, Mommy found a rabbit hutch and converted it into a chick brooder! It’s much easier to maintain for her, the chicks are doing awesome and peace has been restored to our home.


Mommy did have a dream that all the chicks got eaten their first night outside and rushed to the window in the morning, but they were just fine. Phew!


They get bigger every day and lose more of their fluff. And whenever they’re awake, they cheep up a storm! And, boy, if you want to see them freak out, just open the top or stick your hand in there and they’ll act like the sky has fallen and squashed them flat.


I still miss having them in the bathtub, but I’m glad Mommy and Daddy are feeling better. And you can come over to see them anytime!!

Starry Nights (by Boots)


Hi, everyone! Look at what I made!


It’s Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” I loved drawing with chalk and punching so many holes.


And I even did the back! I cut and glued all those houses by myself.


Oh, oh! And my big brother made one, too!


Check out all those swirls and stars! We had a great time watching his art lesson and making our masterpieces at the counter.


Ha, ha! Isn’t he funny?

We hung them in our rooms to remind us of night time when we go to bed. Isn’t that perfect? :)