Holy smokes!!

Our garden is growing food!! This is our fifth attempt (one for every year of Brother’s life!) and after so many mistakes, it just fills my heart with satisfaction to see our garden working.


Yesterday, Brother and I did some major weeding and then harvested some red potatoes, carrots and zucchini. Today, we put them in a chicken pot pie for dinner and it was SO fun! It was incredible to be in my yard thinking, “I’d like to make a chicken pot pie, but I don’t have any potatoes… Hey! I’ve got some in my garden!” And then a few minutes later realize, “Oh, man, I’m out of carrots, too… Wait! I’ve got those growing, too!”


And this adorable zucchini is trying to look like our pumpkins!


After we were done, we needed to use the wheelbarrow to gather up all the weeds and feed them to the chickens. Brother asked for a turn on it and I’ll be dipped if he didn’t zip around the yard like a man. I thought he was so cute in his boots and John Deere shirt on our little farm in the suburbs.