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Holy smokes, I’ve got it! The secret formula for capturing that perfect outdoor shot with three wigglers:

All you need is…

1 tripod
+ 1 remote
+ 1 location 2 min. from home
+ 2 youngest fresh from morning naps
+ 1 van containing kids until Mommy’s done setting everything up
+ 30 sec. of constant snapping til squirming Baby is *really* fed up
– 3 heads from one photo
+ 3 heads from other photos
– 2 bodies from one photo
+ 2 bodies from another photo
– 1 random piece of floating arm
= 1 beautiful family portrait!!

(and 1 pooped Mommy!)

3 thoughts on “Eureka!

  1. Hey – next time feel free to give me a call. I can push the button for you ! :)

  2. Darling family picture. (Oh course I want one :-). It’s amazing how technology can make a perfect picture with three young children like that! (Plus having a pro photographer for a Mother.)

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