Vegetable garden starts

April 16th, 2012


We’ve got some cute little starts going for our vegetable garden this year. Once again, I’m learning more of what works and what doesn’t.

I planted an entire set of seeds (zucchini, pumpkin and cucumber) that did not grow. So then I planted an entire second set of seeds and a few of those grew.


The pumpkins have been doing the best. Yay!


Only one of the 12 zucchini seeds I planted grew. And then it died.

So I finally did some zucchini-specific research and tried again.

I “primed” the seeds with 8 hours of soaking before planting and I will let the soil completely dry out between waterings. (No wonder they haven’t done well for me in the past– they don’t like to be wet all the time! Who knew??)

One of them is finally starting to grow– yay!


Only one of the eight cucumber seeds I planted grew (and it’s still going strong– yay!).

So I did some cucumber-specific research and tried again.

I “primed” the seeds with 5 hours of soaking before folding them in a wet piece of paper and sealing it inside a ziploc bag. After a few days, when I saw their little tales growing, I planted them and look! One is popping up!

Wish us luck! We’re going to experiment with container gardening one of each vegetable and trellising all our peas along the fence line in containers. We’ll see how it goes!

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heather smith | 4/17/2012 6:48 am

we tried doing zucchini indoors and it died when we transplanted it. we then read it doesn’t transplant well. so we just stuck the seeds in the garden and they grew splendidly. i want to try cucumbers this year. i ought to try what you did.

good luck!

too funny about the hearing aid and cremation ads.


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