Brother’s Quiet Work Time


Recently, I implemented a new “Quiet Work Time” for Brother.


He wakes up from his afternoon nap earlier than his younger brothers, so I tried to think of something independent, productive and quiet that he could do until his brothers woke up.


This is one of the activities he does during “Quiet Work Time”.


I found the abacus at the thrift store (didn’t even notice the missing rod until Charming pointed it out!), the number chart on Amazon and the arithmetic workbook at the dollar store.


Then I taught Brother how to “read” addition problems in his workbook.


And how to transfer the problems onto the beads of the abacus to find the solutions.  After that, he wrote the answers in his workbook (using the number chart to remind him how to write any numbers he’d forgotten).  Finally, I asked him to “read” each completed problem to me outloud to check his work.


Since teaching math to a preschooler is brand new to me, I was relieved when he took to it right away and loved rotating through all the rods of different colored beads.  :)


And I loved watching him work.


I am always amazed at what a dedicated worker and student he is.

Great job, Brother!

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  1. Sir Brother is very seriously studious. How wonderful that he learning is learning so much at his age and enjoying it.

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