Pyroclastic Flow

028 black

“Hey Mommy!” Brother whisper-called to me as I was leaving his room tonight.

“Yes?” I paused in the doorway.

“It occurred to me that we haven’t had any pyroclastic flow in a really, really long time,” he unexpectedly told me.

“Really?” I replied, quickly wracking my brain to figure out what he was talking about… Oh, yes! Pyroclastic flow is the most deadly product of an explosive eruption from a super volcano.

“Do you know why?” Brother continued.

“No, why?” I asked curiously.

“Because I said a prayer that no super volcanoes or volcanoes would erupt until after we’re resurrected!” he answered with a confident smile.

“Really?” I smiled back with a melting heart, “Thank you! That way it won’t hurt us at all!”

“That’s right!” he replied and then laid back on his pillow.

Man alive, what a sweet kid! I thought to myself.

“Good night, I love you!” I called.

“Good night, I love you, too!” he called back.

Then I left his room with a prayer in my heart.

For safety from pyroclastic flow.

And for gratitude for an incredible little boy.

When you think you’re going to die and you don’t– It’s very freeing.


That’s probably the longest title I’ve ever used, but it’s absolutely true.

When you really think you’re going to die and then you don’t– It’s incredibly freeing.

006 black

My mind has been very full lately.

I feel like I’m constantly thinking of different things throughout the day as I care for the boys and our home.

Do we have enough milk in the fridge to last until Charming goes to Costco on Saturday?

Is it time for me to start making lunch?

When was the last time I changed Boots’ diaper?

018 blacks

I’ve also started writing stories again and recently decided to finally write that LDS Romance Novel I’ve always wanted to write.

So that’s been filling my mind, too.

What should I name the heroine?

What does she look like?

How should I start it?

009 black

And then the snow storms moved in this week and my mind got even more full.

One of our trees fell over and I wondered, “Did the trunk damage our new patio? Now we don’t have shade there anymore… Should we plant another tree?”

And today, I wondered, “Should I reschedule my appointment with my new doctor? Or should we go ahead and drive there in the snow?”

Because in the back of my full mind, I feel the constant weight of questions that worry me.

Will my hips ever heal?

Will my pelvis ever heal?

Will I ever be able to shop at a store again?

Will I ever be able to run with my children again?

Will I be able to have more children?

029 black

After 10 months of pain, limited mobility and watching life from the sidelines, it’s wearing me down.

And when I recently mailed off an application for a disabled parking placard, it was very bittersweet.

But then my parents and siblings said they’d pray and fast for me and boy has that helped!

They also encouraged me to find a specialist and I did!

So, despite the snow, we still wanted to go to my appointment.  I asked Charming (a veteran snow-driver) to drive me and then confirmed with the clinic that the weather wasn’t too bad.

And with hope shining brightly in my mind, we prayed for safety, drove to the city and embarked on a new path of assessment and treatment options. (Hurray!!)

And then.

As we were driving on the freeway back to home, Charming accidentally hit a slick build-up of snow.

And we lost control.

003 black

Our van started sliding and spinning through the middle of traffic.

And as I watched the scene unfold before me in slow motion, I thought we were going to die.

Realizing there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it, I closed my eyes, clutched tightly to my seat belt and desperately said, “Heavenly Father, Please!”


Our back bumper slammed into the guard rail off the shoulder of the freeway and our van stopped sliding.

Stunned and breathing heavily, I opened my eyes.

I’m alive!!!

I looked over at Charming.

He’s okay!!!

We looked back at Baby– sitting in the exact corner of the van that hit the guard rail.

He’s kicking his feet and babbling!!!!

002 black

And then I thought of Boots.

019 black

And Brother.

Who were playing at their friend’s house.

I’m still with them!!!


And now I feel free.

Who cares if my hips never heal?

Who cares what I name my heroine?

Who cares if we run out of milk?

Who cares if I spill all my Costco cookies onto the garage floor?

I don’t.

Because Heavenly Father answers prayers.

And I’m alive!!!

And that’s all that really matters.