What color are his eyes?

November 30th, 2011

As the year is drawing to a close (much, much too quickly!!), I’ve been trying to go through and organize my pictures.  It’s been so fun to remember all the things we’ve done and remark at how the boys are growing (again– much, much too quickly!!).


In a folder from the summer, I found some pictures of the boys and I playing in the backyard on our new trampoline.  One of them really stood out to me…


I immediately loved this shot of Boots because it showcases his incredible eyes so well.

P1350285 crop 1

I have never seen eyes like these before and I don’t even know what to call them.

P1350285 crop 3

He’s got shades of green, yellow, brown and even blue!


Since I don’t know what to call them, I’ll just have to settle for  “absolutely wonderful”.


Just like him!

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Vicki | 12/1/2011 7:25 pm

I actually did some investigation and these are the two colors I could find that looked the most like Boot’s eyes. Unfortunately the pictures of the eyes wouldn’t copy onto this message, but his eyes looked a lot like both of these or a combination of them:

Amber Eyes:
Dictionary Definition: A brownish yellow. True amber eyes are very rare in humans, and look exotically wolf-like. I picture amber eyes to be a clear, luminous warm gold color. Other ways to describe the same thing include golden brown eyes, honey-brown eyes, and tawny brown eyes. All of these terms describe essentially the same color, but can have some slightly different connotations. Golden sounds rich and beautiful, honey sounds sweet, and tawny has a pleasing sound. It’s up to you which descriptor you like.

Hazel Eyes:
Dictionary Definition: A light to strong brown or yellowish brown. Hazel eyes are renowned for containing glints of many colors. Their predominant color seems to be a pale- to medium-golden brown, especially radiating out from around the pupil. However, they usually contain a lot of yellow and blue rays farther out in the iris that combine to look like green. So hazel eyes will have a brownish-green appearance. However, because of the blue rays in the iris, hazel eyes can sometimes appear more blue or gray, depending upon the colors worn by the individual. Hazel eyes can be very beautiful.

tearese | 12/7/2011 1:49 pm

Elora’s eyes are somewhat like that; we call them hazel. I guess it’s a catch all for eye colors that don’t fit neatly into a category. I always thought he had blue eyes! Our Eli is looking like his eyes might be the same.


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