The Ring of Fire

November 2nd, 2011

We had to go into the city today and the weather was quite clear.  So on the way into the city, we were able to see a volcano!  And on the way back home, we were able to see another volcano!  This was very fun for Brother, who is fascinated with volcanoes (“Volcanoes are one of my five most favorite things!”).

After seeing them, Brother asked some great questions about why there are so many near us.  And what would happen to us if one of them erupted.  I ended up telling him about the Ring of Fire and then he asked why the borders of tectonic plates make volcanoes.

When we got home, he transitioned into full blown “Ring of Fire Pretend Time”!  And he was dashing to look out the window, declaring the Ring of Fire was “lighting up”, frantically packing up all his favorite toys and evacuating from “his house” (the toy room) to “my house” (the family room) where he was safe.  And then the stairs became a volcano that we had to climb for nap time.  It was so fun! :)

After that, I knew what I had to do while everyone was napping.  Well, actually, what I wanted to do (instead of the dishes or picking up toys).  Because I love to teach and I especially love to teach my children who love to learn. :)


So, with the help of the internet (thank you, Wikipedia!), our color printer and some art supplies, Brother will now be waking up to…


… The Ring of Fire!! (the original print out)


… The Ring of Fire!! (drawn onto plate tectonics)


… and The Ring of Fire!! (taped onto our world map)


I am so grateful for the internet!  I love being able to instantly learn and teach my children about the things that interest them.

Now I’d better go take a nap (or do the dishes or pick up toys) before The Ring of Fire starts exploding again!

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Vicki | 11/4/2011 4:23 pm

Great teaching moment with Brother. Love the visuals too. We have a volcano movie you could watch!


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