Bursitis (or: Intervention Begets Intervention)

“You probably have bursitis,” my physical therapist told me over the phone.

I called her after my hike. When I felt like my hips were going to fall off. Or grind into bone dust. Or start smelling like burnt cartilage. Or something else disastrous that fit the dull, pounding, ceaseless pain that had taken me over.

The day after our beautiful hike, I pulled out my good friend from the closet.


It was good to see her again. :)

She kept me company when I had to stay home from church and Baby slept most of the time.


And since I had some time on my hands and her back legs kept skidding on my hardwood floors, I finally pulled out my travel Leatherman and gave her an upgrade.


Oh yeah, baby. I’m 30 years old and putting tennis balls on my walker.

2011-09-04 14.41.11

After that, she slid like a pro!

And of course, Brother had to take her for a test ride after he got home from church.

2011-09-04 14.41.14

Whoo-eee! Look at ’em go!!


But this is my absolute favorite part of being injured.


“I’m sorry you don’t feel good, Mommy, but I’ll sit with you!!”

Oh, thank you, Baby!! That makes everything wonderful. :)


A couple days later I was able to get in to my family doctor and he diagnosed me with “Greater trochanter bursitis”.

Basically, there are these shock-absorbing sacs in my hips that are inflamed. And the terribly ironic and frustrating thing about it is we think my pelvic belt and physical therapy exercises are the cause of it.


So, now I wear ice packs on my hips as much as possible. And I shouldn’t walk further than my yard. And I’ve stopped wearing my pelvic belt and adjusted my exercises.

And I try not to cry too much when they hurt and I worry that I won’t be able to have any more kids.

Then I remember to pray. That I will heal. That Heavenly Father will bless my efforts. And that I will please, please, please be able to have more kids.


And then I look at this picture and start crying again.

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7 thoughts on “Bursitis (or: Intervention Begets Intervention)

  1. Heidi, I hope you get better soon! Please let me know if I can take your boys for a few hours someday so you can rest, or if I can bring you dinner, or anything. Keep taking care of yourself!

  2. Oh Heidi – I’m so sorry your pain is getting worse. And how frustrating that what you were doing to help it before is actually making it worse. I hope that you get back on your feet (literally!) soon so you can have more kids because you are the BEST mom I know!!

  3. So sorry about your condition. Hopefully with time, all will mend. You’re an awesome Mom and I’m sure their are more children lined up in heaven wanting to come to you.

  4. I’m so sorry about this. I had no idea. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I’m always out running errands so if you ever need me to pick anything up just give me a ring.

  5. Have you ever considered seeing a chiropractor? I had pelvic issue when I was pregnant with Anna, and it was so bad they were not going to let me delivery vaginally. After doing research on the condition, I was able to find out that a chiropractor that performed the Webster Technique could fix the problem. Within 2 adjustments, I was out of pain and good as new. The chiropractor literally save me from needing a c-section. I have also had the chiropractor work on my other joint issues too. Having a great chiropractor has been the greatest blessing.
    I hope you get feeling better soon. It is hard being a mom, when you are not feeling the best. Take care.

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