Twitter Updates for 2011-09-13

  • While listening to Aladdin… "What would YOU wish for, Boots?" I asked him w/ a smile. He smiled back at me, then answered, "Ali Ababwa." #
  • "You want to be Ali Ababwa?" Brother asked for clarification. "Yeah," Boots said. :) #
  • "What would YOU wish for, Brother?" I asked him in turn. "To be a tyrannosaurus rex. Or a spitting dinosaur," he told me w/ shining eyes. #
  • "But most of all, to be a tyrannosaurus rex," Brother concluded. :) #
  • "I'm sorry, Mommy. I'll make you feel better. I'll sing you 'One Jump'," Brother said. I was on the verge of tears after… #
  • …A difficult morning & whacking my elbow was the last straw. With his sweet words, the flood gates closed & I laughed instead. Thank you! #
  • *Deep breath, hold & release* I've been awake for 4-and-a-half hours & I'm finally able to sit, breathe & eat breakfast. It feels good. #
  • Poor Baby. He isn't sleeping well & I'm wondering if it's because he's not feeling well. #
  • I called Verizonwireless to block text messages on my phone & they were so great we're troubleshooting issues I forgot about. Hope it helps! #
  • The tech support lady asked me to uninstall the official Twitter app & install Tweetcaster instead. Supposed to help Youtube work. Strange. #
  • Wow. Verizonwireless is so thorough. They even call back a minute later with a very precise satisfaction survey! Thankfully… #
  • … The boys were very good and patient when my 5 minute call turned into 60 minutes! :-o #
  • I wish I could activate a protective force field around the baby whenever & wherever I have to put him down. #
  • Hmm. I want to change Baby before his diaper leaks, but not before he's done going… I think I'll eat lunch first & then decide. :) #
  • Doh! Waited too long & he leaked. Happens every time. #
  • Oh, normal energy levels– how I love thee!! #
  • Just changed my clothes for the third time today. Crazy weather– can't decide if it's going to be cold or warm. #
  • I could get lost in Baby's eyes. #
  • "Yum, YUM!" Brother exclaimed with eager anticipation as he reached for my plate of toast slathered with peanut butter and jam… #
  • … "Sorry, Brother," I laughed softly, "That's for me." He looked at me in confusion & disbelief, even though he hadn't requested toast… #
  • … I chuckled again & said, "Finish your string cheese and then you can have some." He smiled and got chomping. What a cutie. #
  • Just got off the phone with my physical therapist… She said my hip pain from our hike is most likely bursitis. #
  • Oh!! Baby is really jumping in the jumper for the first time!! He's smiling and moving all around– he is so cute!! #
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