Twitter Updates for 2011-09-12

September 12th, 2011

  • Overheard from Boots & Charming: "Mommy! Mommy!" "I'm Daddy." [Pause] "Daddy! Daddy!" #
  • We are having the most glorious weather! I love it. #
  • What would I do w/out prayer? I asked for help to know why I have been so tired… And the thought came that I needed to look at my iron. #
  • … I'm anemic & I realized I needed to change when I take my iron pills. I never would have thought of that on my own. Thank you!!! #
  • Skippy & Spikey. Those are Brother's new pets. A plastic t-rex & euoplocephalus. He tucked them in to bed on the couch last night. :) #
  • "I love you," Brother just said as he walked into the bathroom where I'm getting ready. Aww. "I love you, too!" I smiled affectionately. #
  • Gearing up for Cub Scouts to start this week! I've been moved up from the Bears to the Webelos, so I'm excited to learn a new program. #

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